CIFS Wont start

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Nov 16, 2017
Hi Everyone

I need some help, My FreeNAS @ Work Was Getting Full, so i decided to free-up some space by backing up old Files onto an External and planned to put it in the safe, In order for me to backup to the External i needed to change permissions on the FreeNAS, not realizing that by changing the permissions would cause the CIFS Service on the FreeNAS to stop and not be able to start up again.

The build on the FreeNAS is FreeNAS- X64 (E625626)

I'm not very strong on Linux (Samba) and need some help, I can see the data is still there but cant get to it via windows.
I'm from South Africa and seems that not a lot of people know about FreeNAS.

I have searched aka googled high and low for an answer and found this article but I'm scared that if i apply it that it will delete all my data.
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It will be hard to get a good answer as that version is 3 years old.

Which user did you change the permissions to? From the Windows client, can that user fix the permissions from Explorer?
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