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Can't access Samba Share of cloned snapshot


May 18, 2022
I have configured two twin Truenas Core 12.0-U8.1, both Joined to Active Directory and the first performs replicas on the second.
So far everything works smoothly, domain users log in regularly and replicas work without problems. With the command wbinfo -u and -g I can see the list of users and groups.

I ran into a problem by doing a recovery test.

Specifically, I made the "clone" of a snapshot on the second storage, enabled the Samba share and set the same permissions both for sharing and for File System like on the original storage. Despite this, I cannot access Samba Share for a permission error.
I tested access from Windows Server 2019 (which regularly access Samba on the first storage), as an administrator user as a destination both the host name and the IP address.

When I set up the share I can see the subdirectories of the dataset, so the data is there.

Maybe I am missing some necessary operations when working on a dataset generated by a Snapshot clone?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.


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