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Attempts to view Extents or Targets yields "Loading" message

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Aug 3, 2011
I am quite new to this so I ask for a bit of patience.

I have created an extent and exported. Using iSCSI connector. I can see and use the datastores from my ESXI hosts and they show status & usage info. I can, without issue, add & manipulate data on the datastore.


When I attempt to view any information regarding the disks,extents or targets from the FreeNAS console I see nothing. No indication that the disk/extent exists.

When I choose any of the "View All" selections under iSCSI such as targets, devices, extents etc. I receive a permanant "Loading" message. I have selected theese and left the process running for 3 days and still "loading". I have shut down and restarted the box. No change.

FreeNAS issue or "Defective Operator" ??????

Not open for further replies.