afp.log broken by log rotation?


Aug 26, 2014
I can't imagine I'm the first person to notice this (and I searched Redmine and JIRA), so I wanted to check here before I filed a bug report, to make sure it's not just me:

On my system, /var/log/afp.log looks just fine...until the first midnight. After that, the log gets rotated, and no further messages get logged.

It seems like netatalk's file-based logging (used when "log file" is set) can't handle its file getting moved out from under it. Stopping and restarting netatalk obviously causes netatalk to write to the current afp.log file, but only until the next midnight.

It looks like this was introduced for 11.2 in August 2018. (See the Redmine ticket and git commit.) Has nobody been looking at their AFP logs since then? (I just upgraded from 9.x and noticed on day 2.) Or is it working for everybody else?

If it is a bug for others, I'll create a ticket and propose a patch.