AFP behavior is not 'normal'

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Nov 2, 2011
The first part that seems not normal is if you do a 'connect to server' from the Finder 'Go' menu, you put in your credentials, then a second box pops up where you have to put in your password again.

The second, and more problematic, part is that you cannot connect by clicking on the Freenas server in the sidebar of a Finder window. For me it says 'Connection Failed' as soon as you click it (which is OK), but when you click the 'Connect As' button on the upper right of the Finder window and enter your username and password, it still fails to connect.

If you are already connected to an AFP share via 'Connect to server' then you are let's say in some program's open or save dialog box and you click on the server in the sidebar of that window it will actually disconnect you from the AFP share, which could have some unpleasant results.

I'm testing this from a 10.7.2 Mac. My settings in the AFP Share setup in Freenas 8.0.2-RELEASE use character set UTF8-MAC, Disk Discovery is not checked (though I've tried it checked also), then the only other boxes checked are 'Translate CR/LF' and 'AFP3 Unix Privs' which I don't know what it does but seemed that to use settings more compatible or useful with newer OS X systems you would check that.

Last I was using some Freenas .7 version I did not experience this.

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