[Advice Request] First TrueNAS Scale NAS build for backup use


Dec 28, 2023
Hello everyone,

I ask for corporate BACKUP use. TrueNAS CORE 13.0-U6.1

Can you recommend a more than good hardware configuration for True Nas CORE latest version ?

I'm a little confused for the following reasons:

I would like to use ECC RAM even 32Gb

N.1 1Tb SDD or NVME drive for system boot. I already have this: Samsung SSD 980 V-NAND NVME M.2
N.2 HD Western Digital GOLD 8TB hard drives configured in RAID1 in mirror.

The doubt is on the motherboard and the CPU.

I thought any CPU and motherboard that supported ECC RAM would be fine but by reading the forum I realized that this is not true.
True Nas core does not work with Alder Lake CPU there are problems.

And the number of motherboards that support ECC RAM is shrinking.

Maybe it's better to go with XEON which supports ECC.

But which model of Xeon CPU and motherboard?
I would like to purchase only new products currently on the market

Thank you
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