1. winnielinnie

    WireGuard Keepalive 1.0.0

    Keep your WireGuard VPN connection alive in a jail :frown: Sometimes the VPN service provider might face an issue on their end. :frown: Sometimes your connection goes down for whatever reason. :frown: Sometimes it's been a while since the last successful handshake. This script, combined with a...
  2. F

    How-To: Setup a Wireguard VPN Server in a Jail

    [DRAFT] open to comments Goal To setup a VPN server based on the Wireguard technology and running from within a Jail. The VPN server would allow remote devices to connect and access resources in the local network All remote traffic should be routed via the VPN channel Approach Overview [1]...
  3. U

    OpenVPN Server Einrichtung (Jail) FreeNAS 11.2-U5

    Hallo zusammen. ich möchte gern einen OpenVPN Server in einem Jail einrichten. Um mir etwas Zeit und Nerven bei diesem Vorhaben zu sparen möchte ich gern auf eure jahrelange Erfahrungen zurück greifen. Ich erwarte hier nicht unbedingt eine detaillierte Anleitung ein entsprechender Link mit...
  4. B

    Home Media Server Behind VPN (help?)

    What I want seems straightforward, but I've been working on it for weeks with no success. I want my FreeNAS server to run plex, sabnbz, nbzhydra2, sonarr, and a movie downloading service yet to be decided. I want all my devices on my local network to be able to access any of these services. I...
  5. itskando

    Plex and Transmission Security

    Intro: If both guides are followed, openVPN is installed in a jail and plex and transmission are installed in a separate jail. • I am able to remotely connect to freeNAS and my file system through ssh via openVPN. • I am able to run plex and/or transmission without issue, even with openVPN...
  6. itskando

    SOLVED In freeNAS OS, should "Services --> ssh" be left as port 22 when using openVPN?

    In freeNAS OS, should "Services --> ssh" be left as port 22 when using openVPN, or should the port be changed to match one of the ports of the VPN, like 443 as listed here?
  7. Y

    Budget NAS build - used server grade hardware or new consumer hardware

    So, I'm finally getting into the world of NAS and home file sharing. I'm stuck in between two options at the moment. My goal is to have an in-home NAS system with somewhere along the lines of 6tb of storage with adequate redundancy in case of failure with room to grow. I was considering...
  8. L

    Torrent help

    Hello everyone, I am very new to Freenas and have been reading and watching tutorials. I currently running 11.2 I have my Plex plugin working with my share media pool. I would like to get a torrent app working with Sonarr and Radarr along with the VPN I use PIA. I had deluge up but running a...
  9. itskando

    Questions regarding custom inputs for OpenVPN installation

    (No feedback in actual thread for a month, thought I might open the questions to the full forum:) With regard to this guide: • How complex should Password1 and Password2 be? 8 chars? 12? 16+? Upper and lowercase? Numbers? Symbols? • What are alternative NAT addresses one might use (and why...
  10. itskando

    SOLVED Is openVPN a standalone VPN or a tool for FreeNAS to connect to VPN?

    I assume there's no free lunch with VPNs, that one must pay a VPN provider for use. I wanted to enable remote SSH and Plex use and it's been recommended that I setup a VPN. This is not something that freeNAS handles on its own, correct?
  11. D

    OpenVPN setup guide for FreeNAS 11.2

    Hi, I am having trouble getting openvpn working in 11.2. It was running in 11.1, but after the upgrade - it stopped, and now I cannot reinstall it again. This is a guide I am trying to put together (from many different sources), if I should need to do it once again - and hopefully after I have...
  12. itskando

    SOLVED What does VNET serve? Does Plex require a VNET?

    Someone in this thread suggested that I enable VNET for my Plex jail. (It didn't help my original issue and actually made things worse, but that was likely because I wasn't setting things up correctly.) It led me to look up VNETs and some other networking things. I didn't find much in the way...
  13. A

    Best server protocol for external file sharing?

    I have FreeNAS on an old server computer in my room and its sole purpose is to allow me and my friends to upload, download, and share large files with each other (because discord only supports 8mb and google drive only has 15gb for free). I used WebDAV because it is accessible inside of file...
  14. House Of Cards

    VPN Freezes Linux Mint File Browser With Mapped NFS Shares Mounted

    I know... That subject is a mouthful... So here's the deal, and I'm wondering if anyone wants to help me sort this out? This has been persistent across multiple versions of FreeNAS and Linux Mint, and I don't know where the bug exists. I have multiple laptops and desktops running multiple...
  15. BlairEL

    Transmission with PIA VPN setup not working

    Hi all, I've banging my head on this for ages and just not making any progress, I hope someone can help. I am following the steps to setup PIA inside a transmission jail, I do not get any errors, but my public IP remains the same, rather than a PIA IP. I am following this guide LINK Here is...
  16. steve.long

    Connect two FreeNAS units using OpenVPN?

    Hello all, I'm wondering if it is possible to connect two FreeNAS units over the WAN using OpenVPN. To avoid spending more money on a VPN router, could I install OpenVPN to jails on each FreeNAS unit and then treat one as the server and one as the client?
  17. steve.long

    Can a FreeNAS VPN to a Sonicwall?

    I am attempting to figure out how to get two FreeNAS units to talk to each other over the WAN. I'd like to create replication tasks from my onsite FreeNAS to my offsite FreeNAS. The onsite sits behind a Sonicwall and has a static public IP address. The offsite has none of that stuff. Obviously...
  18. Myriad

    Set up Torguard VPN for Transmission on Freenas 11.1 – Updated for 2018!

    Nowadays, it is prudent to protect your privacy when downloading torrents on the net. A few lawsuits have recently been brought against ISP’s by businesses seeking damages from users allegedly downloading illegal content. Many of these lawsuits have centered on trying to get the ISP’s to...
  19. I

    Transmission VPN peer listening port problems

    Kära vänner! Goddag! I've faced a strange problem with my Transmission which no longer can use peer listening port. For some reason, Transmission can no longer use any port for peer listening. I've been able to use it before, without any deeper configuration (everything seemed to work...
  20. M

    Open listening port for Transmission with VPN

    Hi team, I've spent the last 2-3 days trying to figure this out with no luck. I know how to port forward with my router etc. to open up a listening port for transmission, however as soon as I activate my VPN it closes all ports and I can't upload any of my seeds. I've tried everything within my...
  21. M

    Moving files between folders is extremely slow through the VPN

    Hi guys, I successfully set-up a VPN tunnel from my laptop to my home network through OpenVPN and now I'm able to have access to my home network and my NAS. Everything works just fine, except for the fact that moving files from a folder to another requires an unreasonable amount of time (so...
  22. Yakje

    Pfsense router/setup advice

    Now I have my FreeNAS box pretty much setup, I want to be able to access it remotely in a secure manner. Currently I am running: Nextcloud, Plex, Plexpy, Sabnzbd, Sonarr, Radarr, Headphones, NzbHydra, Jackett & Organizr as generic jails. My idea is to setup a secure VPN connection using...
  23. S

    [SOLVED] Jail OpenVPN imprevisto cambio nome NIC

    Ciao a tutti e grazie in anticipo a chi vorrà darmi una spiegazione di quanto accaduto. Ieri sera ho deciso di installare openVPN in una jail del mio freenas 11. Tutto ha funzionato perfettamente e riuscivo a connettermi alla vpn sia da client windows che dal mio telefono android, riuscendo a...
  24. I

    Selective routing via VPN

    I have my vpn setup via my pfSense box. I would like to kill internet access for my FreeNAS box if the VPN provider connection goes down. Basically a kill switch. I have found a tutorial on how to go about it in pfSense. My question as relates to FreeNAS is, I just have to use the LAN IP for my...
  25. PC User

    Video Tutorial showing how to install OpenVPN inside a jail in FreeNAS.

    I'm a newbie to FreeNAS and I've been reading through various posts in this forum on installing OpenVPN. Some of them are discussing methods that are advance to me and they refer to other posts on "Getting Started". They're sending me back and forth for researching the basic shell commands...
  26. Jacopx

    Transmission GUI disappear after starting OpenVPN

    Buonasera a tutti! I'm running a Jail with Transmission (behind VPN) for 2 years. Yesterday i have noticed that the guy wasen't working... I I'm entering in it (jexec n bash) it's working perfectly. I have tried to reinstall the plugin and everything works but, after I have installed also...
  27. A

    Jail is not reachable from outside

    Hey, I added two Jails to my FreeNAS 11 System. One is a Plex Jail, it is working great without problems, i configured a DDNS service and forwarded the port and I can reach it from outside my local LAN. But I also added a jail for VPN Server (SoftEther). This jail is working in my local LAN but...
  28. D

    PFSense / Home Router - Hardware Suggestions

    Hello chaps, While I understand there are many threads where this precise subject has been tackled, I would like a more up-to-date list of suggestion(s). Also, this is perhaps not the best forum to ask this but the other forum is a bit of a mess (sometimes, incoherent mess) and I am a little...
  29. icey_u22

    (Transmission) Problems Setting up OpenVPN(PIA)

    OK so I think I am doing something very wrong i have followed the instructions for this script and it is not seeming to work at all. i have already tried the guide on another plugin jail and a reinstalled plugin, the transmission plugin is working fine. If there is a better guide i should be...
  30. T

    NordVPN installation for Transmisson

    Hi there I have my freenas running nicely with plex, sickrage and transmission working fine. I've just subscribed to NordVPN and I would like to setup it on my freenas for transmission. I'm a freenas noob thus can someone help me please and send me step by step instruction how to install...
  31. D

    Multiple VLANs on same parent interface?

    Can I create multiple VLANs that use the same physical ethernet port (em0) Assuming I am using the term 'VLAN' correctly my plan is to have two VLANs. VLAN1 will be for my home network and will connect all my computers to the FreeNAS server and VLAN2 will connect to a VPN...Hopefully I havent...
  32. S

    Internet loss in jail behind VPN

    Good evening, I am unsure what is going on and unfortunately can't find logs that help me out. I am running a FreeNAS with a couple of plugins, Plex and Transmission. I have a pfSense that runs the whole of the network, and one of the things that I have done is set up a VPN and have certain...