volume creation

  1. A

    Can I create a Volume on different disk controller(Marvell/intel)?

    My motherboard have two disk controller,Marvell SE917 and intel c602. Can I create a Volume on two Disk controller(Marvell/intel)? Does this affect performance? Build: Mobo: ASRock EPC602D8A RAM: 4x 16GB DDR3 ECC REG 1866 MHz CPU: XEON E5 2637V2 3.5GHz 4 core 8 threads PSU: Seasonic...
  2. A

    I can not create a 4TB UFS volume

    Hello everyone I'm starting in FreeNAS and would like the help of friends. These days I came up with the idea of taking advantage of my good old 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 with 3 GB of RAM to mount a NAS. I put in 4 HDs of 1TB and would like to configure them in stripe mode. I installed version
  3. D

    Volume creation issue

    I've been fighting this issue for a few days now, I've gone through a few things here on the site, reinstalled different versions and re-downloaded isos to insure integrity and compatibility and stableness. the one thing I can't get through on all installation in making a volume, I've wiped the...
  4. S

    SOLVED [RESOLVED] Unable to detect 3 new disks

    Hi guys, I've been using FreeNAS for about 4 months now and I'm fairly new. I've been running with a RAIZ1 no issues with the following specifications: CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1226 v3 @ 3.30GHz MOBO: Supermicro X10SL7-F-O RAM: 32688MB ECC Memory PSU: Seasonic G550 Modular 550w HDD: 3x...
  5. R

    Volume Manager cannot see hard drives

    Hi I have just setup FreeNAS for the first time and have searched the forums and cannot find an answer to my problem. So I apologise in advance if this is a typical newbie question. FreeNAS boots OK off my hard drives. I can see the drives in View Disks and also from the command line if I run...
  6. Jorgelhus

    Help with Storage

    Hey Guys! I'm helping a friend build a FreeNAS for Media Server. The specs: CPU: Intel Core i3 - 4170 3.7GHz - Dual-Core Motherboard: ASRock - E3C226D2I Memory: 16GB ECC Case: Fractal Design Node 804. PSU: Corsair CSM 650W Gold. Fans: 2x Noctua 92mm, 1x Noctua 140mm Storage: 1x SSD Kingston...
  7. G

    Unable to create volume using Storage API

    Hello, I tried to create a volume using the storage API but I either get a bad request(400) or the FreeNAS OS malfunctions and I need to reboot it. I am using the following API: { "volume_name": "tank", "layout": [ { "vdevtype": "stripe", "disks": ["ada1", "ada2"]...