upgrade 11.1 to 11.2

  1. T

    11.1-U2 -> 11.2-U5(or 6) upgrade path?

    Hey all, I'm just wondering what if any gotchas can be expected from this upgrade, should I do an intermediate step first, etc. Thanks!
  2. A

    Need validation on SSD move along with 11.1->11.2 update process

    Hi community, first time poster here! I currently have a R710 system running on 11.1 U7 and I've been running this on a mirrored usb drive for more than 1.5 year with only 1 usb failure. I want to increase the reliability of the boot system and move the OS to an ssd. I would also like to update...
  3. S

    11.2 Worth upgrading to?

    Hello, I have a Freenas 11.1 U7 install that runs just fine but i am considering upgrading to 11.2 Although I have heard that many people have had issues while or after upgrading. Is it stable enough now in U4?
  4. rwfitzy

    netdata error notifications after 11.2 upgrade

    Since I upgraded to 11.2-U2.1 from 11.1-U7, I have been receiving lots of netdata udp error notifications: 1m ipv4 udp receive buffer errors = 140 errors number of UDP receive buffer errors during the last minute Alarm udp Family Escalated to CRITICAL Severity. The server was upgraded this past...
  5. AltecBX

    SOLVED HELP!! Upgraded to 11.2 & can't boot up server

    Hi Guys, I upgraded from 11.1 to 11.2 and now I can't boot up. My boot device is the 16GB thumb drive. I have over 50TB and worried AF as what's going to happen. In the last 5 years of running FreeNas, I never had a problem upgrading to the next version. I'm attaching a picture of the prompt I...
  6. V

    Upgrade to 11.2 Causing Huge Problems

    I decided to do an upgrade to FREENAS 11.2 RELEASE U1 from 11.1. And I've had nothing but troubles since. Let me preface this by saying I am not a LINUX or FREEBSD guru by any stretch of the imagination. I know just enough to be dangerous and build my system. I'm running an older, but...
  7. P

    Upgrade from 11.1U6 to 11.2 CPU Usage and Temp remains at 0

    Hi I just upgraded from 11.1U6 to 11.2. Everything went brilliantly/. Thank you But CPU Usage remains at 0. And CPU Temp remains at 0 Other stats are OK
  8. L

    Is it safe to delete old Jails dataset after upgrading to 11.2

    I have upgraded from 11.1 to 11.2 and installed a new plug-in for my plex server and migrated everything over to it. I then deleted the old plug-in and all the old jails. Now that I am done, there is still a Jails dataset leftover. Is it safe to delete this (not the one in the new iocage jails)...