update fail

  1. F

    Update from 11.2 U2 to latest U4 seems to fail repeatedly via web interface

    Hi, I have an installation of 11.2 U2 (pretty sure, though the box is not in front of me) on an HP N40L micro server, with a USB thumb drive as the boot device internally. I haven’t used it for much of anything yet, but since I recently got automated snapshots set up on my desktop I finally...
  2. VictorR

    SOLVED GUI Update from 11.0-U4 to 11.1-U1. After 30 mins, can't tell if still rebooting or hung

    I applied the updates via GUI, went into System>Boot and activated 11.1, then rebooted and ate lunch I've tried several time over the last 30 mins to access the GUI and keep getting "Site cannot be reached" The NAS fans are running, so it is powered up. But, I have no idea whether it ever...
  3. insan3

    Update to FreeNAS 11.0-U4 fails

    Hi, I tried to update my FreeNAS 11.0-U3 to U4 this morning but I can't boot with U4. After some strange grub errors I managed to boot back the old U3 install and all seems to work again. When I try to boot U4 i get the errors you see in the screenshot. Does anyone else have this problem...
  4. A

    Update Error

    I am having issues with getting my updates automatically downloaded. I think it may be blocking me from getting plugins as well. I have read and read, changed a bunch of settings from other threads. Since none of that has worked I am now asking for a little more personal help. I am attaching my...
  5. James Snell

    Update from 9.10.2 rendered unbootable system

    This is kind of a half-assed bug report. Problem Upon running the update system on a completely completely fresh installation of FreeNAS from the 9.10.2 ISO that I just downloaded, the system was rendered unbootable. I saw various healthy-looking messages fly by in the Console as it appeared to...
  6. takkischitt

    FreeNAS-9.10.2 update failed - cannot use GUI interface now

    Hi I just applied the FreeNAS-9.10.2 update, but there seems to be a problem. Everything seemed to go OK, until I activated the new version and rebooted the system. When it restarted, I am getting a critical alert. There is also the following message in the main window of the web interface...