1. K

    Rsync slow and different speed

    Hello, I will give a try on this forum because I do not understand what I am missing... I use rsync to send movies from my seedbox to my home server (FreeNAS-11.2-U7). The problem is that the speed is abnormally low when I send the file to my server (around 1.5MB/s) What I don't understand...
  2. S

    How to Migrating plugins from 11.1 U6 to 11.2?

    Hi, I just upgraded to 11.2 and everything works fine. Now, since the plugins of 11.2 a newer then 11.1 I'd like to port them to the new system. (Also having everything on one dashboard is a plus) Is there any (easy) way to get those settings (Jails, user, directories) from 11.1 somehow to 11.2...
  3. doutatsu

    Extremely low transfer speed

    Hello everyone! I've just built my first NAS machine and have been struggling with a couple of things, but the main thing so far has been slow transfer speed. I've looked at various forum threads here, but still couldn't solve it. I am using a CAT5e cable, so that should not be the problem. I...
  4. B

    5MB/s Transfer Speed on New FreeNAS Box

    All, I just created my first FreeNAS box and I love it! It all seems to be working well and I have no complaints other than the transfer speeds. I am seeing a maximum of ~5MB/s write speeds to the FreeNAS box. I'll list the box details below. My network has two 100MB/s switches, so I know I...
  5. OiD

    Network transfer speeds Wired vs Wireless

    Hello Again, I'm still learning with FreeNAS and I'm kind of up and running but I'm having some issues with transfer speeds. I used to get around 90MB/s when copying over ethernet and 25ish over wifi. Now I don't know what's changed but I'm getting 30MB/s over ethernet and kB/s over wifi...
  6. P

    Moving Data from one share to another. Different datasets

    Hello, My system is quite simple and I'm really the only one who uses it. I have three datasets. Media, Downloads and Personal. Transmission downloads everything into Downloads and then after awhile I empty it out and move everything into the other two datasets depending on whatever I have...