1. V

    Fresh 11.0 U3 // LAN only // ERROR: Failed to create ZFS base dataset

    Hi, I've recently installed running a freshly installed LAN only freenas 11.0 U3 and now I'd like to have a jail there. During the setup phase I got an error that .warden-files-cache/mtree is missing the file: freenas-standard-11.0-RELEASE.mtree I've provided it manually, which worked fine...
  2. ryanhunt

    Updated jail template for 11.1?

    So I went to install the Unifi port today, and was greeted with this error: root@unifi:/usr/ports/net-mgmt/unifi5 # make install clean /!\ ERROR: /!\ Ports Collection support for your FreeBSD version has ended, and no ports are guaranteed to build on this system. Please upgrade to a...
  3. Junicast

    pkg update fails after installing jail from own template

    Hi, I created my own template and after overcoming some obstacles it worked. The jail template is marked as FreeBSD, x64. After using that very template to create a new jail I have trouble to do a pkg update Some additional information: host: FreeNAS-11.0-U4 (54848d13b) jail...
  4. nine09

    Plugins wont install in FreeNAS 11.0

    I have just setup FreeNAS 11.0 in VMware and completed the initial setup. Every time I try to install a plugin it starts to download but stops at either "Downloading plugin" or "Creating template". If anyone knows why this happens please let me know. I have tried for days with no luck. I even...
  5. Chip Senkbeil

    phpVirtualBox jail template for FreeNAS 11

    Hi everyone. Trying to determine if FreeNAS 11 supports the old phpVirtualBox jail template from 9.10, or if there are plans to support that jail template in the future. I didn't see any mention if the template in the FreeNAS 11 release topic and haven't seen much mention of it recently other...
  6. Q

    FN 9.10.2-U3 jails problems

    Currently running FN 9.10.2-u3 Trying to create a jail first gave me the error cannot find template. after manually adding template: https://download.freenas.org/jails/9.10/x64/freenas-pluginjail-10.3-release.tgz https://download.freenas.org/jails/9.10/x64/freenas-pluginjail-10.3-release.mtree...
  7. M

    Trouble Creating Ubuntu VM on FreeNAS 11

    Hi, I'm looking to create a Ubuntu VM on FreeNAS. I'm creating VMs with the included byhyve software. Problem is, every time I start my VM, It would refuse to work. It would just shutdown. Any Ideas why this might be? Thanks in advance, Michael L.
  8. nojohnny101

    fresh install of plex through pkg; catalog error, old templates?

    Long story short, I have recently paid for the plexpass upgrade and so I wanted to move my plex media server version to the plexpass "train" so I backed up all my data and went to install the plex jail fresh following these instructions...
  9. S

    SOLVED Locally host jail templates

    Hi, After giving a first shot at FreeNAS's jails through the plugins, I'd now like to create my own jails, and install the plugins manually in order to be able to have more than one plugin in a jail, be able to update them easily and so on. So I read the documentation, was planning to create a...