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    SOLVED Strange transfer speed behavior

    Hi everyone! I've wanted a NAS at my house for a long time, and I decided that building a FreeNAS box would be a great learning opportunity. For now, I'm just exploring with a cheap machine from my university surplus store. The issue I'm having is that when I try to transfer a folder of files...
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    Hi!! [Slow IO || Idle process threads]

    Hi e1, I have been using FreeNAS a while and finally joined the forums so I could complain. I find this free software does not live up to expectations, and as a millennial I expect, Nay!, demand better free stuff ...I am entitled to free stuff! I deserve everything for free! Ok, ok, just...
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    Severe performance drop when upgrading to 11.1

    (The BackGround) I built a NAS in late 2016 to act as a plex media server. This is the only function i need the machine to perform. When i built it i think the version of freeNAS was 9.3, it ran beautifully. It wasn't the fastest machine on the plane but it could support 5 or 6 simultaneous...
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    SOLVED Slow Performance (50Mbps wifi, 2-4Mbps wired)

    Hi all, I have been reading the forums and trying what I could do to find the problem but to no avail. I need some help please. When I transfer files, I get about 30-50 megabit per second read/write. For example, it took 12 mins to transfer one 2GB file to the NAS in a test. It took about...