1. TheWoo

    Feature Request: Shell height adjustable!

    It's really annoying that the Shell inside FreeNAS has a fixed, non-adjustable height. If you do for instance zpool status, the output isn't even shown in its entirety and requires you to scroll, although there is plenty of unused space available (see screenshot below). It would be appreciated...
  2. scrappy

    SOLVED Upgrade to FreeNAS 11.2-U4.1 broke shell access

    I noticed the other day that after upgrading from 11.2-U3 to 11.2-U4.1 that it broke console access in IPMI. All I get is a blank screen. Then I noticed the Shell menu item in the FreeNAS GUI was also inactive and did nothing when I clicked it. Luckily, I do have SSH access so at least there's...
  3. G

    Purpose of FreeNAS Shell

    Hi, maybe this is a silly question but I don't get what the point of the FreeNAS shell is since every change made is resetted after reboot. Maybe there is a way to safe the configutation database manually to keep the changes? As far as I can see right now you can only make configurations via...
  4. D

    Bug on shell of a Jail?

    Hi guys, i was trying to configure a new Jail for UrBackup, and i do it like 2 times (on the same machine) because i got some errors, first i didnt get response from the ip address but that was my bad, and then i get response but it shows my an error "no permissions to access to the directory C...
  5. Stoffern

    Typing in Jail Shell doesn't register

    I've recently been in the process of setting up my first system running FreeNAS, so I suppose you could say I am a total beginner. Though I've had some issues with FreeNAS that has been resolved thus far, this one occurred today, and I can't seem to figure it out or find any solutions online...
  6. A

    How do you start/stop VMs from shell?

    I've written a script that shuts down a VM, snapshots it, sends the snapshot to a file and backs that file up to an online backup. I find it better to snapshot backups while the VM is offline to prevent file system errors (starting up from a snapshot of when the VM was running is equivalent to a...
  7. S

    Commands to correctly clear/reset a used SSD and create an aligned partition for overprovisioned ZIL

    I googled this but I don't have the experience and certainty so I thought it's worth asking here. I have a decent SSD (Intel P3700 NVMe) that I plan to redeploy as a ZIL. It's a lot bigger than the ZIL needs to be, and web pages make clear that many SSDs can gain phenomenal performance if they...
  8. K

    User added by shell does not exist

    Hi, In FreeNAS GUI I opened shell console, to add new user by command: [root@freenas] ~# adduser testuser and then, I followed a step by step in next prompted questions/settings as here: Finally I got result text...
  9. Florian8619

    Jail installieren

    Liebes Forum, ich habe über >Jail > Templates eine Template hinzugefügt und zwar Ubuntu 13.04. Jetzt habe ich mit diesem Template ein Jail erstellt. Habe mich mittels ssh mit dem NAS verbunden. Im Jail Ordner von der Ubuntu installation habe ich die Datei /etc/rc.conf bearbeitet bzw das NO auf...
  10. B

    FreeNAS VM is booting into shell every time. How can I fix this?

    I created a VM in FreeNAS and gave it a CDROM with an Ubuntu ISO and also gave it a DISK for storage. When I start the VM, I get into the shell every time. I cannot even install the operating system. How can this be fixed?? Thanks!
  11. S

    tcsh for interactive sessions?

    Will it break anything internally if I change my shell from csh to tcsh (chsh -s /bin/tcsh root)? If it might, is it safe to edit my .cshrc and, at the point it detects an interactive session, add -exec to switch shells for interactive sessions only? Possibly wrapped in a test for existence so...
  12. I

    Glances - system monitoring

    Hi guys, I would really love to have glances package in FreeNAS. I know that FreeNAS comes with built-in htop, but I think that glances is more elegant and more powerful way to monitor the system. What do you think guys, someone else who would like to have support for glances in FreeNAS shell...
  13. M

    Some other way to use the CLI then the build in shell ?

    Hi, Is there some other program or way to use the command line interface then using the build in shell? I'm having a lot of trouble using the shell (enter function, scrolling, small screen, etc etc?)
  14. Brandon Arnold

    FreeNAS as a scriptable system with a 'current' package repo

    Hi all, My WD MyBook is old and I want to solve a problem with my next NAS. The WD is configured for nightly rsync with an AWS cold volume. The distro is a flavor of debian-arm that is not kept well up-to-date in my experience, and any time I need a package that requires heavy updates to the...
  15. R

    ENTER key does not work in the shell.

    Hi, I can open a shell from the GUI and type text, but the ENTER key does not work. So there is no way to issue any shell commands. All character keys work fine. Delete, shift and Caps too. Not sure about others like Ctrl, Esc, etc. What would they generate? I get nothing from them in the...
  16. skterjusgia

    ping shell no internet connection FreeNAS box

    Hello everybody , FreeNAS version Working on VirtualBox FreeNAS hosted on Windows Server 2008 I am running FreeNAS on virtualbox, I have set up two interfaces on Windows: one for the LAN so I can host FreeNAS (internal network) and the other for internet connection(bridged adapter)...