1. F

    TrueNAS vmware ESXi - Passthrough issue

    Hi guy ! My route is virtulize everything. Every server I run is virtualize inside VMWare EXSi, but I'm stuck! I have a Asrock H670 itx motherboard and an Intel i5 12600k processor, in vmware I don't have the possibility to activate the "passthrough" on my SATA controller. So I'm looking...
  2. W

    Newbies - making use of existing hardware for TrueNAS

    Hi, I have an unused PC that i wish to convert into a NAS running TrueNAS. I am completely new to TrueNAS and is wondering if True NAS can fully support my exisiting motherboard and CPU, they are: ASUS Aorus Z590 Master Intel Core i7 10700 64GB RAM Can TrueNAS recognize all the chips on the...
  3. M

    JMB582/JMB585 on 11.2 - will it work?

    I am running Freenas 11.2u8 and want to buy a JMB582/JMB585 PCI-E sata card but support in freebsd wasn't added until FreeBSD 11.4 The commit to freeBSD is here: [April 2020] Would the card work in 11.2...
  4. M

    Ran Out of Sata Ports

    Hey all. I've got a system running FreeNAS-11.2-U7 (Build Date: Nov 19, 2019 0:4). My mobo has 6 sata ports total and I have a problem. 2 years ago I didn't plan for the future very well and installed 3 drives and one boot drive. So I currently I have 2 sata ports open. I would like to install...
  5. L

    switch from sata ports to hba - have I to export the Pool?

    Hi, I run Freenas 11.2 and have a raidz2-Pool with four WD Red 2,5" HDDs, the Mainboard is Asrock E3C226D2I. I want to switch the pool from the local Sata-Ports to a HBA-Card (LSI SAS 9211-8i, in IT-Mode of course). Have I to export the pool, switch the cables to the HBA and re-import the pool...
  6. maniyer

    8-port SAS/SATA x4 adapter card AND 4-slot M.2 SATA (non-nVME) x4 adapter card

    Anyone know of a reliable 8-port SAS/SATA x4 adapter card? I've seen plenty of x1, x2 and x4 cards, but they mostly use fairly unreliable/cheap controllers. All the SAS controllers I've found are either 8-port x8 or 4-port x4. If anyone has any 8-port x4 adaptor card that they know and swear by...
  7. HomerJaiSimpson

    How can I mount and share a SATA optical drive in FreeNAS?

    Hi, I have a problem, I would like to share an optical SATA drive via FreeNAS. But I can not select it, it does not show up under "Show drives". However, it is listed with the command "camcontrol devlist". But somehow it can not be mounted. Does FreeNAS not support that? If so, how...
  8. A

    SuperMicro FreeNAS server

    I found this server at a recycle store for about $175 I cant seem to identify the case but here is a picture It had a Supermicro Motherboard in it CPU is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 0 @ 2.40GHz...
  9. R

    Is it OK to mix SAS and SATA in same enclosure?

    Does FreeNAS9 exhibit problems with having both SATA and SAS drives in the same enclosure?
  10. P

    Oops, broke sata connector

    I'm building my system and started testing my drives. When I got to the badblocks test on my last drive (all WD Reds, 6 tb) I got nothing but errors. I opened the case and saw that somehow it's SATA cable had been pulled downward and was at a 45 degree angle. The whole L-shaped plastic flange...
  11. alorimer

    Moving storage to HBAs after initial setup - is it possible?

    I'm about to make a new file server out of an old Dell tower, but it only has SATAII ports, not the faster 6 Gb/s SATAIII. To fix this problem I've ordered some ASM1061 HBAs, but they haven't arrived yet. I'd like to set up the file server now if possible, using the onboard SATAII ports, and...
  12. M

    Festplattenimport über Sata möglich?

    Lässt sich eine (externe) Platte über einen freien Sata-Port imnportieren..einlesen? Ohne dass die DAten in Gefahr geraten? Micha
  13. Z

    Problem SATA

    Hi everyone , i build my own NAS , with a little budget , and i bought this motherboard : MSI AM1I I've realized that there is only 2 SATA III ports , but i have 3 HDD . So i decided to buy a PCI controller SATA III. My problem is , if i don't use PCI FreeNAS can run but if i plug the PCI...