rsync task

  1. ParaGuy

    Rsync User Problems

    Hello, I am trying to set up rsync between two separate FreeNAS boxes. When I go to add the Rsync module, I choose root and wheel but it gives me the message "The user root is not valid" and "The group wheel is not valid" See attachment. FreeNAS 9.10.2-U6 on both boxes Thank You
  2. M

    What does a FreeNAS public key look like?

    Hi All, We bought a Freenas mini-xl to upgrade our current synology box so I am trying to set up an rsync task to migrate all data over the weekend. I've been trying to use this guide : but I got stuck in the part when I...
  3. rwfitzy

    rsysnc task alerts or notifications or logging

    Haven't been able to find a definite answer if there is a way to have alerts for Rsync Tasks? I've read several posts where the solution is to write own script and use via cron jobs? I did setup an Rsync Task with user who has email, which is working well. But I forced it to fail and did not...
  4. G

    SSH FreeNAS to Mac - please help

    I have a FreeNAS box for home use - the usual pictures, movies, music, etc. I have very little knowledge or experience with networks, but with a lot of courage and reading, I've been able to create a backup of everything on that FreeNAS over localhost, to a disk that I swap and store off-site...
  5. V

    Unable to add public key to user account.

    Hello, I am trying to create a rsync pull job (for the first time) that will sync data from my WD my book live duo to my freenas. If I read the instructions correctly I need to have a user ID that has a public key in the account in order to ssh to my WD nas. I generated a public key on my WD my...
  6. D

    Help with rsync

    Hello - I'm trying to use rsync to copy data from my FreeNAS box to QNAP. I had it working before I updated to 11. If I run the following from command line rsync works as expected: rsync -avz /mnt/mediapool/shared_3d rsync@
  7. D

    RSYNC- please verify my config

    Hi guys, first, as I don't post much here, I want to use this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to the community, the info on here has helped me out a lot in the past. Thanks for that! To my issue: I have 2 FreeNas (both 9.10, stable, newest updates) Servers in 2 locations and want to sync...
  8. F

    Can't create an rsync task with / as remote host

    Hello, I'm trying to setup an rsync task. The task should pull from a remote Linux server. The Linux server use the rrsync script to restrict rsync access. It usualy work very well! Because I use rrsync, I use "/" as remote path. rrsync translate that into my real directory on my Linux server...