1. H

    NFS not showing snapshot rollback changes

    I recently started using snapshots for a versioned YUM repository. This While testing one of my update scripts for my yum repositories, it accidentally deleted some of the directories I needed to keep. No problem. I had a snapshot of the previous version that I could easily rebase from. The...
  2. winnielinnie

    Recursive rollback? Am I asking the right question?

    I've used the rollback feature to go back to a point in time for a specific dataset. No problems there. If I create a recursive snapshot of an entire pool (all child datasets included), it creates a snapshot for each child dataset within the entire pool. So far, so good. Yet if I rollback the...
  3. L

    how to rollback replicated snapshot (on another system)

    Hello, there´s one thing i don´t get about snapshot replication. Lets say I have a daily snapshot task of my Datapool. Everyday this snapshots are replicated to another server. Now lets assume my pool is heavily degraded or lost or I want a new, bigger one. Happily I have my replicated...
  4. D

    SOLVED Plugin uninstalled - missing jail! Restore possible?

    So I've been using FreeNAS with NextCloud for a while and I thought it was all pretty clear. Just now I mistakenly uninstalled the NextCloud plugin, while looking for a reason why it has stopped working. The jail that contained the nextcloud plugin has now gone. I am running daily snapshots and...