1. CoreyVidal

    Random reboots still after 1 month of hardware testing

    Random reboots. Please help. Oh God, please send help. Or alcohol. Or a gun. I'm just feeling crushed by putting so much work into this. Setting the scene: I'm a lifelong Windows-only user (25+ years) who was running a bunch of services like Plex off of my daily-usage desktop computer (like an...
  2. okynnor

    Security log has a warning that needs interpretation

    Hi, I have a warning and I don't know what it means. It sounds that it's related to my iSCSI drive and the fact that my FreeNAS crashed 6 hours earlier because zvol where iSCSI was out of space. Would someone help me understand the below and if I should be concerned? > SMP: AP CPU #3...
  3. B

    Reboot causes jail bridge network to fail

    For my current setup all my jails are configured to use vnet0 interfaces. Under the network settings I specifically set them to "vnet0:bridge0". When I look at ifconfig this causes them to have the name vnet0:1, vnet0:2 ... vnet0:n for each jail. My VMs are configured with tap interfaces listed...
  4. J

    freeNAS 11.1 not coming back up after a reboot

    I was having trouble mounting hard drives from my proxmox server to my freeNAS server. I was getting some permission issues and it looked like adding no_root_squash in /etc/exports would fix it (temporary). After making the changes I rebooted from the GUI and almost an hour later it has still...
  5. M

    Need Help - 1st NAS project

    Dear All, Hi - I am Parth from India. I am 25 and A bit of a computer nerd. I never have been able to handle linux, and this is my first try at utilising an already spare desktop for my small office personal use. My office basically has PDF files, Excel, Word, Accounting data to be backed up...
  6. titanve

    FreeNAS 11.1 U6 rebooting randomly when transfering via iSCSI and vmware esxi

    Hello everyone, My freenas is rebooting randomly when using iSCSI to backup my vm's using Vsphere Data Protection. I added the device to the ESXi without troubles and I have to RJ45 crossover cables which connect the freenas with the ESXi host. I wonder if I'm missing some network...
  7. M

    Freenas 11.1-U5 - Restarted with Unauthorized system reboot

    System just Restarted with Unauthorized system reboot. System is on a UPS. Looking for reasons why. Looked in /var/log all of the log files were recreated as of this boot. Does freenas clear the /var/log directory upon reboot? Are the historic logs located somewhere else?
  8. B

    NAS down, I can't reboot it

    Hi all, I have a problem with a FreeNAS, last night fall down and now I can't reboot it, how can I do? In attached I put some photos.
  9. P

    Forced reboot when importing volume

    Upgrading FreeNAS server to new hardware and updated to FreeNAS 11 from 9.3. Old hardware crashed, was really old, and didn't meet FreeNAS minimum requirements. When attempting to import the encrypted volume, server reboots with volume still encrypted. KDB: enter: panic [ thread pid 3671 tid...
  10. P

    Send remote IP address after reboot or IP change.

    Hi, I have currently a system in place that it updates a DNS records everytime the ip changes.. Today, there was a reboot which I don't know the cause of. It may be due to power shortage or because of the test ongoing for three of the disks. There is of course a UPS attached which lasts about...
  11. P

    SuperMicro X11SSM-F + Kaby Lake G4600 = reboot loop on booting Linux/FreeNAS

    Hello, I'm trying to set up a new system but I'm having a bit of an issue booting FreeNAS (or any linux really..). Hardware: - SuperMicro X11SSM-F - Intel Pentium G4600 - 16 GB Samsung M391A2K43BB1 (DDR4 / ECC) The problem: After a successful POST, as soon as kernel begins to output text...
  12. R

    FreeNAS 11 lost web interface after a reboot

    I've been working on a Plex issue for the last three days and in an effort to fix that issue, I decided to just reboot the whole server. When I did, the web interface never came back although my network card is online and has an IP address. My SMB shares are online and I can see all my jails...
  13. TLVT

    shutdown cronjob prevents normal startup

    so i made a shutdown -p now cronjob to shut down my freenas at a specific time. i messed up i think and now whenever i turn on the server when its done booting it shuts down ( i dont get the screen with the option 1 -14 ) (time to shutdown arived) is there a way to fix it i tried over...
  14. A

    SOLVED FreeNAS Reboot Datastore missing

    Dear All Today I have Problem on my FreeNAS 9.3 FreeNAS Reboot Randomly and reboot several times, due to this reboot, my end user can access NFS properly When i Checked Uptime (Below Picture) its said uptime 2 minutes All configuration GONE after i wait 5 minute more, FreeNAS goes reboot...
  15. M

    FreeNAS 11u1 Active Directory join lost on reboot - Bug # 21244

    Need some help with my FreeNAS 11.0 U1 install and joining it to my Active Directory. There has to be something I'm missing that I can't find. I can join the domain with no issues. Then after reboot the "testjoin" fails and it tries to rejoin and fails to join. Then if the AD connection is...
  16. Alan W. Smtih

    Is it safe to reboot during a resilver?

    I just replaced a hard drive. It's in the process of resilvering with an ETA of 40+ hours. My question: Is ZFS/FreeNAS designed to safely accommodate shutdown/rebooting during a resilver? --- Footnotes - Obviously, it would be better to let the process finish. For times when that would be...
  17. K

    Verschlüsseltes ZFS mit L2ARC SSD

    Hi, ich habe meinem Pool eine L2ARC SSD spendiert, allerdings ist mir aufgefallen das nach einem Neustart der Pool anschließend automatisch entschlüsselt ist. Dem war vorher (ohne L2ARC) nicht so, kann man L2ARC beim Neustart löschen lassen bzw. bin ich überhaupt richtig in der Annahme das es...
  18. T

    9.10 Fresh installation issuse

    Hey guys, Im new to the freeNAS world. I am installing version 9.10 from a USB drive to a USB drive on the motherboard. I have followed the 9.10 installation guide up to "2.3.8 Installation complete" where upon the system hangs on the reboot screen as follows: waiting (max 60 seconds) for...
  19. A

    SOLVED FreeNAS: Power outage and configuration wiped on reboot.

    I am using FreeNAS is FreeNAS-9.10.2-U3 (e1497f269). I Had a power-outage and when I switched my FreeNAS box back the config file was completely wiped i.e. lost the static IP, hostname, all users, all volumes, shares, plugins, jails etc. This was a new install that was completed only a day...
  20. D

    FreeNAS 10 and 9.10 installer reboot problem

    Hi, I have a problem installing FreeNAS on my new machine: 1x Asus Z10PE-D16 WS 2x Intel Xeon E5-2683 v3 2.0Ghz 14Core 1x Crucial DDR4 PC19200/2400MHz ECC Reg CL17 4x8GB 2x LSI MegaRAID SAS 9217-8i The installer hits a point on the load up screen where it just reboots. I've now spent days of...
  21. M

    Plugins don't start after rebooting the system

    Hi guys, i'm new here and new to Freenas. I'm writing after reading all the blog posts and stuff about the issue that I am experiencing and that is driving me crazy, but still I can't manage to fix it... Here's the story: I followed this guide to setup my FreeNas with Couchpotato...
  22. puredata

    Transmission doesn't start after reboot

    Hi community, first post here. I'm a new FreeNAS user, I'm using both osx and windows machines to connect. Still trying to get a grasp of the system and spent some time trying to set up transmission correctly. Last night I was able to fix my permission issues and was able to find which folder...