raid controllers

  1. F

    M1015 to IT Mode again and again

    Hey there, right away: I know there are already plenty of Posts reguarding this topic. I my self did allready flash a similar contoller for my last TrueNas build but now I am totaly stuck. Short: I do get the classic "No LSI SAS adapters found!" if I try to use any sas2flsh commands in the...
  2. Z

    Dell Perc H740P Mini

    Hi Everyone, It’s my first post on this forum :). I need some enlightenment about my current Hardware situation regarding my current Dell Perc H740P Mini raid/eHBA controller. I’ve set this card on eHBA mode and i can see all my non-raid disks RAID0 with debian so the card seems to be working...
  3. CH4Pz

    HBA Swap out

    Recently, although intermittently, been getting Cam Status error on da3, so thought id start by swapping out cables. On next boot my Z2 Volume came up as "Unknown" status, so after inspecting the system i noticed the bottom mini-SAS 8087 connector on my LSI HBA (in sig) was disconnected but...
  4. K

    HP ML 350 G5 and e200i RAID controller

    Hi, i will be install FreeNAS on ML 350 G5 with 8 SAS disk. Default in this machine is embedded RAID Controller e200i. What is the best Way for FreeNAS and ZFS? 1. Disable e200i - i don't know it is possible 2. if i can't disable maybe i can set every disk as single and then set RAIDZ in ZFS 3...
  5. I

    BUILD Poweredge 2950 raid controller

    I have read some of the discussion on the 2950 I an kind of lost. I get I need to remover the daughterboard and put a new controller board in. The last thread I read was about 2years old. What card should I buy. I will be starting with 4 2tb drives and want to put in 6tb or larger later. So...