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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. M

    Ran Out of Sata Ports

    Hey all. I've got a system running FreeNAS-11.2-U7 (Build Date: Nov 19, 2019 0:4). My mobo has 6 sata ports total and I have a problem. 2 years ago I didn't plan for the future very well and installed 3 drives and one boot drive. So I currently I have 2 sata ports open. I would like to install...
  2. mhweb

    Can I use any PCIe SATA expansion card to add more storage ports in FreeNAS

    I'm having a hard time finding a micro ATX motherboard with support for ECC memory and at least 8 SATA ports, so I was thinking on getting an expansion card to increase the number of hard drive ports. However, I don't know if FreeNAS has any issues with most PCIe expansion cards. Can I just add...
  3. S

    Rsync Ports

    What ports do I use so I can sync two FreeNAS boxes using rsync in different locations?
  4. N

    SOLVED Jackett isn't a pkg any more - how do I make the port?

    In my Sonarr Jail (using the jail shell), i ran portsnap fetch That went fine. Then I tried to run cd /use/ports/net-p2p/jackett/ && make clean install But it tells me 'no such file or directory'. So I go looking, and sure enough, not 'ports' folder under 'usr'. In fact, no ports folder anywhere...
  5. M

    Questions about my log file

    I'm trying to understand the log a bit more and I have a couple questions. Does the config reload everyday at 00:00:00? What does "Limiting closed port RST response" do? Over the last couple days or week I've been seeing "" on the logs, is someone trying to hack...

    How to access and use a port installed from FreeBSD ports website

    Hi, I am planning to install and use GnuCash: Plan to make a new Jail and install this ports in that jail. I know how to do this part already. Once it is installed, how do I access and use it? Will the BSD version of GnuCash has...
  7. Stranded Camel

    Warden EOL and iocage jails are now useless -- what do we do?

    Since I had gathered from various forum posts a while back that the Warden jail system is being discontinued, I decided to use the newer alternative, iocage. All was well for the last year or so, but the other day I noticed that pkg update had done nothing for a while. Odd. Then I went to...
  8. rwfitzy

    Nagios4 in iocage jail

    I am running 11.1-U6 and have the nagios4 package installed via pkg and the version is 4.4.1, which apparently has a bug and I've been told I should upgrade to 4.4.2. If I try pkg upgrade it says all is up to date, but if I check the distinfo file in the ports folder, it shows 4.4.2...
  9. anika200

    ports failing due to EOL jails in FreeNAS 11

    Just wanted to put this out there for discussion and correction if needed. Having just built a brand new jail on FreeNAS 11 I find I can not build any software??? So after googling and wasting so much time I finally find a thread in here on the forums that explains the problem. The error faced...
  10. nikkpap

    How to reset webgui port via ssh

    Hi i am new to Freenas and i am exieded . I made a mistake accidently put the same port to webgui as my ssh one Now i am able to connect via ssh but not with wegui (lol) , my question is can i somehow reset webgui port to 80 or put an other port via ssh. I dont want to lose any data or other...
  11. Vrakfall

    Can't find mongodb32 port from FreeBSD ports

    Hello, I was trying to install MongoDB in a jail when I found out I can't really install a recent version of it in a jail. The latest I found in the FreeBSD ports was `mongodb32` but I cannot find it by doing pkg install mongodb32 in a jail. I also tried to find it with pkg search mongodb but...