1. S

    (Tutorial) 11.1 warden jail to 11.2 iocage jail - Plex migration and rebuild of transmission + openvpn (pia) + ipfw + tvnamer

    Specifically I changed my train from 11.1-U6.3 to 11.2-RELEASE-U1, and although my plex and transmission jails were still working in the old no longer supported warden jails, i decided to try to get them working in the new iocage jails. I was able to get all this working the way I used to have...
  2. B

    OpenVPN + PIA + Transmission Installation Issues

    What I've Tried So I hate opening a post about this topic as there are plenty of guides out there to how one can get the Transmission jail to tunnel through OpenVPN/PIA, however, I have tried countless of them with no success. I had used these guides before to successfully set up a jail with a...
  3. BlairEL

    Transmission with PIA VPN setup not working

    Hi all, I've banging my head on this for ages and just not making any progress, I hope someone can help. I am following the steps to setup PIA inside a transmission jail, I do not get any errors, but my public IP remains the same, rather than a PIA IP. I am following this guide LINK Here is...
  4. icey_u22

    (Transmission) Problems Setting up OpenVPN(PIA)

    OK so I think I am doing something very wrong i have followed the instructions for this script and it is not seeming to work at all. i have already tried the guide on another plugin jail and a reinstalled plugin, the transmission plugin is working fine. If there is a better guide i should be...