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    cant get permission right on mac OSX over samba share GRRR

    I have created pools, I share over samba, connect to the share via Finder cd through /Volumes. For every file I create I get permissions of "rwx" eg. echo "2" > t2.txt ls -l total 2048 -rwx------ 1 paul staff 2 Jul 23 12:50 t2.txt Can anyone help?
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    OS X FreeNAS 'Get Info' File/Folder Properties; size etc

    The editors need to be able to get folder sizes across the network but only get, either 'zero bytes' or an old size that stays the same. Is there a refresh file properties command? Any ideas? Thanks Storinator Q30 - FreeNas 11 - 10Gbe network - OSX 10.12.6
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    AFP shares dont show in finder

    Hi, I have a couple of afp shares, timemachines and smb shares (separate datasets) and i am having stability issues. The freenas server doesnt show up in the finder sidabar nor in go->networks. If i restart the afp service on freenas, it shows up in finder. If i switch between wired and wlan or...
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    SOLVED Mysterious user locks file on AFP share...for some

    On our freenas server my girlfriend and I share a common dataset (/mnt/Volume/DSCommon), with equal permissions (via group), although I am also owner. Tonight, we both accessed an Excel file on this dataset, although not simultaneously, but in sequence. After she had closed the file again (and...
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    How can I access (ZFS) Snapshots access though OSX

    Hello there, how can I access to ZFS snapshots in OSX? I have no problems to access VSS snapshots with Windows using CIFS (using "previous versions"), but I'm not able to figure out how to access them with OSX. Any suggestion? Thank you
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    Permissions issues with a samba share and the OSX Finder

    Hello, I have a strange problem with two mac users. One is using an old 10.7 OSX and the other is using 10.10. I have others mac users without any problems. I installed a mac with osx 10.10 and was not able to replicate my problem using the same user credential. So, I have a SMB share on my...

    SOLVED GUI Certificate Error on Chrome for OSX

    I have had no issues getting a secure connection to the web GUI until about two months ago. Now Chrome and firefox for OSX tells me the connection is not secure and gives the following error: NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID. I am able to get a secure connection with firefox for linux, but not...
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    OSX Finder copy to CIFS, file dates reset

    When I drag and drop copy files from Mac internal HDD to Freenas 9.3 CIFs networked share, the file dates of the files on Freenas share are all lost and reset to the time of the copy. Windows 7 is able to copy files to the same share and correctly preserve the file dates. How do I make CIFs...