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  1. D

    Volume creation issue

    I've been fighting this issue for a few days now, I've gone through a few things here on the site, reinstalled different versions and re-downloaded isos to insure integrity and compatibility and stableness. the one thing I can't get through on all installation in making a volume, I've wiped the...
  2. R

    Blinking command line after FreeNAS boot

    Howdy folks. Got my hands on a decommissioned SuperServer 7045B-T that I wanted to use as a storage server, thought it would be fun to put FreeNAS on it. I've never installed FreeNAS before, but I have installed Windows, Ubuntu and OSX on plenty of other systems in the past, and work as an MSP...
  3. G

    SOLVED Can't log in with new user account

    Hey, I'm new to the FreeNAS community so sorry if I'm missing something. I created a new user and password, logged out of root and logged back in with the new user. I can't log in with the new user. I've tried resetting the password several times but it still gives me the password incorrect...

    Hello from Washington

    Hi FreeNASers, I am from Washington, an iOS programmer in day time, a husband, a dad and a soccer lover in other times. My Mac and my wife’s Mac are all running out of space. Sometimes we have same copies of files on both computers. Or sometimes she has to use my iMac to get some files...
  5. Robert Shaver

    Rob Shaver: Trying to discover if FreeNAS is what I need.

    My name is Rob Shaver and I'm a retired electronics engineer who also likes to shoot and edit video. I have many hard disks from many past computers, but my working storage is two 4GB and one 5GB USB 3 external drives. I install all my apps on the 5GB boot drive but try not to put any important...
  6. G

    New Build/No Files - Topology and setup

    I just finished my first build using a C2550D4I as the main board and 12 x 2TB HDs setup as one volume as a Raidz2. I have not done anything else yet other than configure the drives as a volume. No shares or files on the drives yet, so if I need to change anything I can just start over. So...
  7. U

    Building First FreeNAS Server, Will This FreeNAS :)

    I was looking at building one, but then I saw used servers look like really good value. I'm looking at buying an HP Proliant ML330 G6 - 1 x E5506 QC 2.16GHz 18GB RAM Then adding 2 4TB NAS drives in mirror to start with. Do you think it will work?
  8. B

    Bonjour From NJ USA

    hello Everybody, I am new to the server and NAS conception... I used to build computer when I was a teenager... I am french based in USA NJ. I am already looking the forum and there are many usefull informations... still missing few information, I meaning learning before I really jump into...
  9. F

    Basic install question

    Greetings, I am new to FreeNAS and before I undertake the install I have a question or two. 1. I understand that the flash drive contains the op.sys. for NAS. Does that mean that after the install it must remain in the computer in order the machine to run? 2. Once I complete the setup will...
  10. RayRay573

    New-ish to FreeNAS

    Call me Ray-Ray! Everyone does ;) I say that I'm new-ish to FreeNAS as I've dabbled with it before about a year or so ago but realized that the system that I was running on was significantly under-powered and transcoding in Plex was non-existent. But I'm jumping ahead, lets go back to the...
  11. P

    cannot login using new user account

    Hi, would you be able to help with an issue I have on FreeNAS-9.10.1 (d989edd). I have created new user account using Account > Users > Add user. However, when trying to use it for login via GUI I am unable to do so. The error message I get is: Please enter a correct Username and password...