motherboard issues

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    Swapping out your Motherboard? - here are some notes on my experience.

    Background I built a NAS for my business several years ago in fact I started with FreeNAS 9.0. The NAS has run smoothly but new requirements for larger VMs found the machine a bit lacking in the RAM department. Although I wasn't maxxed out on the board RAM, 64Gb wasn't going to be enough for my...
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    c2750 dead and no encryption key

    Hi, I have an asrock C2750 d4i which has given up - I'm now aware of the issues facing these boards but I was bought in 2015 so I doubt I will get an RMA. Also, I have not got the encryption key backed up (yes I know you dont have to say anything I was bloody stupid)... Theoretically if the...
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    need help on FreeNAS

    Hi all, I am a normal FreeNAS user and this is the first time I encountered an issue with my FreeNAS. I build FreeNAS on a scrap pieces of Mini ITX system and it works for about 3 years.. just today, it died and I checked and found out that the motherboard is the main culprit.. its a old part...
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    Asrock C2750D4I Mini itx motherboard issues

    Hello guys, I built a mini media server using the Asrock C2750D4I Mini itx motherboard. It's been working a treat up until recently, all of a sudden it wouldn't boot up properly. I plugged it into a monitor and it won't display anything. I plugged a keyboard into it and it won't light up. The...