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  1. H

    Network reporting in Freenas 11.2-U3

    Hi Guys, Can someone explain the new network reporting graphs or check my findings? In the new interface I see this reporting graph: Note the marked spike. This is about 5 minutes (checked with cursor) at about 5 Megabytes per second (eyeballing the graph). That would mean that this transfer...
  2. iliak

    Network monitoring by IP

    systat -ifstat give only total network usage, i would like to filter by IP is it possible ?
  3. Nitro626

    FreeNAS-11.1-U7 Netdata adding cpu temp to System Overview

    Hi all, I finally got this working, SHH in to FreeNAS with WinSCP navigate to /usr/local/share/netdata/web/index.html copy the index file for editing (Rename the original index so you can go back if needed) open index.html in notepad or html editor Ctrl F and search cpu in the mainHead section...
  4. M

    Monitoring FreeNas system

    Hi, I searching for an application to monitor a FreeNAS system. I am looking for a small widget-like app for Windows with crucial information or an add-on for chrome maybe some reporting.
  5. J

    Monitoring with Metricbeat

    Just looking for a sanity check before I proceed. I'd like to integrate my FreeNAS installation with my ES Stack monitoring system by installing MetricBeat on the storage host. I believe the preferred install scenario would be to install within a jail. If I proceed down this road, will the...
  6. R

    Replicating data between 2 FreeNAS installs

    I've used FreeNAS in the past but this is the first time I'm trying to replicate data between 2 instances and am using the latest version (FreeNAS-11.0-U3) available for download. I was able to get rsync working and pulling the data from one box to the other using the built in module, however I...
  7. S

    How do I configure Slack as alert service

    I know it's supported - it's listed in documentation, I can find it in the UI - but I literally don't know what do I put in which field. Documentation pretty much only says it's there, and I wasn't able to find more information on the forums. Can someone tell me how can I configure it?
  8. I

    Glances - system monitoring

    Hi guys, I would really love to have glances package in FreeNAS. I know that FreeNAS comes with built-in htop, but I think that glances is more elegant and more powerful way to monitor the system. What do you think guys, someone else who would like to have support for glances in FreeNAS shell...
  9. T

    Upgrade-safe script location?

    Supposing I want to build custom monitoring scripts or what have you, is there a location (perhaps /usr/local/sbin?) where they won't get pwned by an upgrade?
  10. 6uellerbpanda

    check_freenas monitoring plugin

    Introducing a Naemon/Icinga/Nagios plugin for FreeNAS Version: 0.1 Following checks are available: Alerts - Check outstanding alerts Updates - Notifies of available updates Datasets - Check used space in MB of all datasets with perfdata For updates, readme, etc... see -...
  11. Jonathan Jordan

    Add support for Bjango's iStat Server

    Bjango recently released an update to their iStat Server. They have a version available FreeBSD, but it isn't that useful unless it is installed outside of jail. It would be great if this was available on FreeNAS.