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  1. CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet

    Best way to add DAS / external disks to a Microserver?

    I'm currently planning my next big server disk upgrade and I'd like some advice on the best way to go about it given various criteria. I have two FreeNAS servers. "X10" is my primary server and "Gen8" is the backup. Their specs are as follows. Primary server, aka "X10" FreeNAS 9.10.2-U5...
  2. SeaFox

    Recommendation for 4-bay drive setup.

    I'm working on a new build right now. I already have motherboardboard/CPU/RAM and am reusing my existing chassis. This is a 4 bay hot-swap case. I also can add two SSDs inside, but I'm really writing more about how to use the main storage bays. I'm currently behind the times a bit (points at...
  3. I

    Hello from Russia Moscow! )

    Hi All! Using HPE MicroServer gen 10 3x2TB WD Purple (ZFS) 1x2TB WD Purple (RAW) for non important stuff (maybe 'll move it to WD MyCloud and make 4x2TB) 1x256GB SSD for boot SMB sharing for home usage NextCloud ) Emby
  4. M

    Installing FreeNAS on HP Microserver Gen10 - braindead simple instructions required please!

    Hello, I have just bought an HP Microserver Gen10 to run FreeNAS on to replace my failing Netgear ReadyNAS Duo and probably once I have it working to replace my Qnap NAS as well. Before I bought the HP I read about the installation problems with the Gen10 here on this forum...
  5. D

    Linked HP Microservers

    Hello all, The config scenario I want to build revolves around HP's Microserver Gen8. I plan to buy a second Gen8 since the price is dirt cheap with the basic config, 190 pounds for the lowest config. Now these little cubes support 16Gb of RAM max which is the limiting factor into getting more...
  6. T

    HP N40L & M1015 = No Boot

    If anyone can help me with this I'd greatly appreciate it. I've read a number of posts about people using the M1015 as an HBA for ZFS in thier N40L MicroServers but after installing one in mine, I'm unable to boot from USB - so I can't boot into FreeNAS and I couldn't install a different OS...
  7. R

    Upgrade HP Microserver N54L to Gen8

    Hi all I have Freenas using a HP N54L with 4 HDD booting from USB I want to change it all to a new HP Gen 8 that i intend to buy. The main function at the moment is running Plex and transmission, so i have 4 hdd full of data Anyone can help? Also, i am running Freenas on an 4GB usb stick...
  8. Convict

    BUILD Hp ProLiant MicroServer Gen8

    Hi everyone, First time here as an owner of a FreeNas Box. I would like to share my setup with you. _____________________________________________________________ Model : Hp ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 CPU : Intel Celeron Dual Core G1610T @ 2.3Ghz RAM : 16GB ECC – Kingston HDD ...