1. A

    Can't Create a VNET With a Link Aggregation - Plex

    Hi all, hope I'm in the right forum. I updated my server to 11.2 and all is well. I am running an HP PROLIANT DL380G7 which has 4 ethernet ports I have set to loadbalance. My problem is, when I setup Plex so it can receive metadata, checking the box inside the jail editor that says VNET and...
  2. VladTepes

    New modem and router - can't find FreeNAS or IPMI

    I have replaced a failing fritzbox (modem/router) with a basic TP-link modem-router (we'll call this "modem") which is then connected to a fancy TP-Link router (we'll call this "router".) After some fiddling I have got the modem to work, and the router to work. The router Wi-Fi works fine. My...
  3. T

    About H370HD3 (motherboard)

    Does the onboard LAN driver do not correspond? Can not set ip address Please support me

    Need help setting up FreeNAS W/ no internet access

    Hello, I've recently moved and the only access to internet is by satellite. The max speeds are around 4 Mbps, and costs around $90/ Month with a data cap of 100GB. I would prefer to not go this route but instead find some means of accessing my shares using a local network. I have a decent amount...
  5. S

    FreeNAS und Windows 10

    Hallo ich habe FreeNAS schon seit einiger zeit am laufen , mir macht aber mein Laptop Kopfzerbrechen . Ich komme mit dem Ding weder per WLAN noch per Kabel auf die Nas , mit den anderen Rechnern klappt das .... Kopfkratz ..... :) Das Laptop hat Windows 10 Version 1703 build 15063.296 . Ich sehe...
  6. K

    FreeNAS for LAN Streaming

    Hello, i'm a total newbie to FreeNAS and want to migrate Windows Server 2003 to FreeNAS, not sure if it will be a good decision. Working at Karaoke industry, we have 30-40 KTVs and every room has a PC with Windows XP. All were connected to a Song Database server running Windows Server 2003...
  7. neiklot

    Is this speed normal with HP microserver?

    Hi guys. I'm starting with FreeNAS but I really like it! The thing is that I realize that I can't get max gigabit speed. When I run iperf between a windows machine and my HP microserver running FreeNAS I get about 650Mbps. I changed cable, I checked that dedup and compression were already off...