1. myrtlizer

    You must configure a default route (Network->IPv4 Default Gateway)

    Hello, I randomly keep receiving the error: "You must configure a default route (Network->IPv4 Default Gateway)" when I try to enter my Jails menu. The way I can get around this error is to go to Network->Global Configuration, and just click "Save" without making any changes as I already have...
  2. A

    Unable to access WebUI on "old" interface

    I was messing with HTTPS trying to get the WebUI access from outside of my network. Well, that didn't work and it locked me out basically, so I was able to use shell to revert it to HTTP. Now, I can't access the WebUI from the local ip of but I can access it from publicip:81 (HTTP...
  3. E

    Não gera IP

    Olá , estou com problema depois que instalo o freenas, ele não gera IP automatico e quando eu crio um e entro pelo navegador ele não acessa, preciso configurar o DNS?
  4. H

    PLEX - Port Forwarding with FreeNAS

    Hello, I'm having some trouble with something, as I'm new to FreeNAS but a long time PLEX user. I've setup a headless freeNAS server on on old computer and I've been using the Plex media server on FreeNAS for months now, it works perfectly. However, I just recently needed to access PLEX remotely...