1. D

    Freenas does not connect to the network

    Hello, is the first time I install FreeNas and I have a problem .. in practice the first start asking me to access the web GUI to and on the vodafone station was not connected any pc via LAN (which obviously works all .. cable etc. ) .. then looking on the net I manually set the ip ...
  2. W

    Iocage jail has no internet access with second NIC

    I'm on FreeNas 11.2 BETA2. I have a couple of Iocage jails. I want one of them on another subnet. So I have two NIC's both on a different subnet, by example: and I configured the jail to use the second NIC. I can access it of within the same subnet, but the jail itself...
  3. K

    It should be so simple.. How can I access my files outside my LAN

    Hello! I'm not very good with servers but to just connect (securely) to the internet and use Freenas as a NAS folder for my backups shouldn't be THIS hard.. I have a pool(volume) and I can access it through windows ( great success! ). Now I ONLY want to access it outside of my LAN so I can...
  4. C

    SOLVED Lost & Confused

    I have a FreeNAS box I built about three years ago. It has an Intel Xeon processor and 128GB RAM. I have been running FreeNAS v9 stable since I built it but I just recently, and rashly I now think, upgraded to FreeNAS 11.2. At first it seemed as though everything went well. Plex, the main...

    Need help setting up FreeNAS W/ no internet access

    Hello, I've recently moved and the only access to internet is by satellite. The max speeds are around 4 Mbps, and costs around $90/ Month with a data cap of 100GB. I would prefer to not go this route but instead find some means of accessing my shares using a local network. I have a decent amount...
  6. Theapplefuture

    SOLVED Notification and Internet access

    Hello Everybody, After i use my FreeNAS Server to storage all my personal files I have a question about the usage of notifications and internet access. First, When connecting my server to the Wifi Router, is it online ? (better said is it accessible from outside my network ?) It's not that i...
  7. T

    Internet/Host Access

    Hi, I upgraded to FreeNAS 11 and trying to create a new bhyve box. I got new windows server 2016 just fine but I have trouble to get internet access from it (or local gateway network). I didn't do anything fancy about installation setup, everything is pretty much by default. In VM's settings I...
  8. X

    Using a USB drive for file transfer and installing snort

    I am having so many problems with my machine(s). The problems have been replicated at different physical locations, different machines, and even different versions of FreeNAS. They always happen the same way. I have spent hours trying to find solutions to my problems in the forums and my own...
  9. S

    How to Windows SMB Over Internet

    I know i can add myself by using //FreeNas/DepartmentName but how can i add a friend over internet ?
  10. skterjusgia

    ping shell no internet connection FreeNAS box

    Hello everybody , FreeNAS version Working on VirtualBox FreeNAS hosted on Windows Server 2008 I am running FreeNAS on virtualbox, I have set up two interfaces on Windows: one for the LAN so I can host FreeNAS (internal network) and the other for internet connection(bridged adapter)...