install hangs

  1. f!ReW4LL

    Installations probleme

    Hallo Zusammen Möchte mir einen kleinen FileServer mit FreeNas zusammenbauen. Leider stellt sich das ganze ein wenig schwieriger als erwartet heraus. Folgendes hab ich getestet: Freenas (9.3) Die Installation mit FreeNas 9.3 kann ich das System installieren ohne Probleme. Aber beim Booten...
  2. mwhite

    CCB request compelted with an error

    Hi all, I am working with FreeNAS for the first time. Doing my first install. Installing from a USB to a USB. The destination USB is a 64 GiB Sandisk fit. Everything started ok, but now it appears to be stalled. The last line written is Error 5, retries exhausted. Before that is CCB...
  3. S

    FN11 - Windows 10 VM install stuck on 'Blue Window'

    Hi, I've just upgraded to FN11, really like this version and am wanting to use the VM features to host a Windows 10 VM. I have two FN 11 installs both based on HP Microservers, The 'test' install of FN 11 is running on slightly 'Older' hardware than my 'Production' NAS. I installed a Windows...
  4. nine09

    Plugins wont install in FreeNAS 11.0

    I have just setup FreeNAS 11.0 in VMware and completed the initial setup. Every time I try to install a plugin it starts to download but stops at either "Downloading plugin" or "Creating template". If anyone knows why this happens please let me know. I have tried for days with no luck. I even...
  5. T

    9.10 Fresh installation issuse

    Hey guys, Im new to the freeNAS world. I am installing version 9.10 from a USB drive to a USB drive on the motherboard. I have followed the 9.10 installation guide up to "2.3.8 Installation complete" where upon the system hangs on the reboot screen as follows: waiting (max 60 seconds) for...
  6. A

    Installation keeps looping through the same 3 messages.

    Hello, I am relatively new to FreeNAS but I have installed and configured FreeNAS before on an older PC Tower. I am attempting to install the current version of FreeNAS 9.10 on a PC here is the info on the PC: Motherboard: ASRock H110M-HDS Motherboard, Socket LGA 1151 DDR4 RAM CPU: Intel...