1. M

    Monitor and email an alert for ECC Memory errors on OS-level

    Purpose Monitor /var/log/messages for MCA related messages and email them to you when found. MCA messages contain, for example, memory ECC error reportings and much more. More details: Why TrueNAS / FreeNAS expects people to use...
  2. L

    How to disable freenas.local daily security run output?

    Hi I just installed FreeNAS 11.1U2. I have daily email "freenas.local daily security run output". Is there a way to disable it?
  3. W

    Strange output from daily email

    Hi All, New to the forums and FreeNAS in general, let me know if I've made some faux par here or posted this in the wrong place! I'm getting the daily emails from my FreeNAS which I'm perfectly happy to receive, however, for the last two days the emails have consisted only of: No...
  4. DeaDSouL

    sendmail inside jails does not work

    Hi, I have configured System->Email. And it is working just fine inside FreeNAS, but it doesn't work inside jails. How can I use the same email configuration in FreeNAS, to be able to send emails from jails? root@transmission_1:/ # cat /var/cover To: Subject: TESTING FROM...
  5. Guinea

    All-inclusive Script/E-mail Report

    This is going to come across as grossly lazy of me, but I figured it was worth a shot and "why reinvent the wheel?" I am hoping someone has already come up with a solution that does something similar to what I have in mind. I am trying to monitor my FreeNAS build (which is primarily used for...
  6. Hazimil

    SOLVED Problem setting up email using a domain from

    Hi All I'm trying to setup FreeNAS to use a new email account/domain from I have setup the email as follows: Outgoing mail server: Port to connect to: 465 TLS/SSL: SSL Use SMTP Authentication: ticked Username & password: are correct However, when I try to...
  7. House Of Cards

    Apple Issue w/E-Mail Notifications

    Good morning, I just wanted to share a note to those using an Apple e-mail address to get critical notifications from their servers. Apple turned on two-factor for non-apple apps on June 15th. If you are having your notifications sent from an Apple e-mail, you need to create a new password...
  8. marian78

    Script to email if upload/download/delete files over FTP

    hi, i want ask for help with my script, that email me, if somebody upload/download/delete files over FTP. For now i testing it, but want some critique, that i can tune up it. How it works: 1. in Freenas box - FTP advanced tab, set this to make transfer log: #FTP transfer file log - add to...
  9. Q

    Info about: mail notifications- Webgui setup

    Good day everyone! Since installing and trying out some features on my freshly build Nas I've come across features that im not quite sure how to change or make sure if they work. For example the mail notifications setup. As written in the Freenas documents I've setup the Root email for...
  10. M

    Results of Rsync Task via email

    I have couple of questions regarding rsync tasks. I have an rsync task running nightly. Question 1. If the rsync task takes longer than 2 days. Will I have 2 tasks running concurrently the next day? or is there a lock mechanism? Quesiont 2. How would I go about sending me report of the...
  11. Bidule0hm

    Scripts to report SMART, ZPool and UPS status, HDD/CPU T°, HDD identification and backup the config

    I wanted to share my scripts because I think I'm not the only one who wants to monitor his FreeNAS server a bit more closely and in a more personalized way than the automatic nightly emails would do. Please note that you're the only one responsible of what you do in the CLI so don't blame me if...