1. T

    Parent directory appears inside of child directory as read-only (recurring issue)

    I made a thread about this issue back in March and never came to a solution, but I also stopped having the issue. The previous thread can be found here: To briefly describe the...
  2. T

    Parent directory appears inside of child directory as read-only

    This issue has appeared a few times for me recently. I will navigate to a folder where I store my files for school and find that the parent directory is listed rather than the actual contents. I can browse through the folders but they are read only: The contents of the GEOG500B folder should be...
  3. N

    SOLVED Fresh reinstall of FreeNAS; after reimport of pool and config; jails won't start

    My original USB running my Freenas (11.2-RELEASE-U1) tanked so I installed on a new one. I uploaded my config and reimported my pool; but my jails won't start. It claims /mnt/iocoage is empty, which it is, but my iocage directory was always in /mnt/POOL/iocage I can't seem to find a way to...
  4. K

    Do I have to join FreeNAS to AD to authenticate a share against AD?

    Hi All! This is my first post, and I'm brand-new to FreeNAS, so please do not hesitate to correct me wherever I'm wrong. I'm guessing I'm missing something obvious. So, I have a running FreeNAS-11.0-U4 server running just fine on its own. The goal of this server is to be a target for Veeam...
  5. D

    Refresh connection with Active Directory upon restart

    Lets say I have a FreeNAS box using Active Directory (so I can assign permissions to shares based on Windows Domain). Now, lets say the FreeNAS box restart and when it comes back online, for whatever reason, the Domain Controller is not available until a few minutes later. Upon restart, FreeNAS...
  6. Hans Baumeister

    Can't write to AFP shares (arg!)

    Okay, this is really annoying and I hope someone can help: I have a bunch of datasets that I'm sharing via AFP (only). The issue is: no matter what I do in setting the ownership of the datasets or the access rights via the shares, I am unable to create, for example, new directories (or delete...