cron job

  1. stevecyb

    cron job won't "run now" but works fine otherwise, no email.

    I have a cron job that will run when it's scheduled, but "run now" doesn't seem to do anything (the GUI assures me the job has started but I see no results whatsoever). (I searched. I found a lot of posts for cron jobs not running under any circumstances, but not this problem.) I have a work...
  2. Spud

    SOLVED Disable/Enable SMB through cron?

    Without going into details why I want to do this... Is it possible to turn off the service SMB using cron some how and then turning it back on again? And if it is possible, once you turned it back on it would keep the same setting as defined in services/SMB configuration?
  3. A

    Cron Job funktioniert nur teilweise

    Hallo. Ich habe für tägliche Backups eine USB Festplatte an meinen FreeNas 11.2 Server angeschlossen und ein Script geschrieben, das mittels Cron Job ausgeführt wird. Zusätzlich erstellt das Script eine Liste alle Filme auf dem Server und speichert es in einer TXT-Datei. Ich habe das Script in...
  4. C

    SOLVED Crontab: errors in crontab file, can't install

    Hi there, After last night's shenanigans with VNET failing, I continued on with setting up my Nextcloud server. All was working fine, created an ncadmin account and connected it to my database, but now I've ran into an error with Cron(tab). Upon attempting to configure cron for the www user...
  5. indivision

    Cron not working

    I am trying to set up a cron task that restarts a jail service every 6 hours. Here is the command: jexec <jail_name> service <service_name> restart When I run this code in the shell as root or click "Run Now" in the View Cron Jobs section, it works. However, it doesn't appear to run properly...
  6. felthamn

    How do you go about setting up a cron job in a FreeNAS jail

    Good morning folks, I'm hoping someone may be able to assist me with what to most of you may be a relatively simple task. I'm only just getting into the more technical aspect of freenas so please be patient. Anyways I'm rambling.... I have just setup a jail to run a Wordpress on and even...
  7. Z

    Cron Job Creating Odd File

    Hi all! So I've been trying to create a cron job to output CPU temperature and a timestamp to a text file for logging. I have the following script written, and the commands work as expected when run in the shell separately, but when run in the cron job, the output for DATE goes into a file...