1. A

    System crashing/hanging anytime I try to do a scrub.

    So I have a recently installed pretty vanilla build of Freenas 11.1u4 I'm trying to use as a file/media server in a Windows environment. It's a 3-drive Raid-Z (encrypted) that I set up with a couple user accounts/groups and SMB shares and that's it. I set up the Volume/Datasets and permissions...
  2. ddavid

    FreeNAS 11 Plugin Installation Crash

    Hello Everyone, it seems everytime I try to install any plugins it gets to about 67% (creating jail) and hangs but it's actually crashing the FreeNAS server entirely. I have tried this with anywhere between 4-8 cpus and never less than 16g of ram. This was working previously prior to the upgrade...
  3. R

    FreeNAS crash after 2 years

    Hy, I have setup a FreeNas server with an HP Proliant MicroServer gen7 two years ago. It has been running find until recently. The server was rebooting multiple time by day. On reboot I have a message : savecore: reboot after panic: solaris assert: 0 == bpobj_open(&bpo, dl->dl_os, obj) (0x0 ==...
  4. B

    SM X11SSL-CF + Crucial 4x16GB CT16G4WFD8213: Crashing

    For anybody considering SM-X11 + Crucial-ECC: I'm running SM+Crucial since summer now and it keeps sometimes crashing - not often, but ugly enough. It just reboots with no log entries. After the automatically following reboot is triggered another bug, this time SM BIOS, telling you "No RAM...
  5. B

    Dell R630 FreeNAS v9-10- Crashing on many fronts

    Anyone, I have a Dell R630 2 Intel xeon E5-2697 v3 (16 cores per) with 384gb of ram, 4 1.98tb SSD's and 6 980gb SSD's w/ LSI controller card with 2 120gb SATADOM's where the OS was installed. I've been having some issue with this crashing on various fronts. First, I had a 8GB cache card that I...