1. zenon1823

    SOLVED IPMI (SOL) Console Redirection Issues & GUI Enable Serial Console - Port Not Available

    I have been working on this for 2 days and have exhausted every post here and in several freeBSD forums trying to figure this out and I'm out of ideas. I am working on a new build with no configuration or data so I can try anything suggested. Once this system is installed and working properly...
  2. scrappy

    SOLVED Upgrade to FreeNAS 11.2-U4.1 broke shell access

    I noticed the other day that after upgrading from 11.2-U3 to 11.2-U4.1 that it broke console access in IPMI. All I get is a blank screen. Then I noticed the Shell menu item in the FreeNAS GUI was also inactive and did nothing when I clicked it. Luckily, I do have SSH access so at least there's...
  3. N

    web interface could not be accessed please check network configuration - Console ERROR

    Hi all, I've just downloaded and installed freeNAS 11.2-U3 using a usb stick onto my 240GB Samsung SSD HDD Sata3, Installation was ok, however once the OS loaded i got the error (freenas the web interface could not be accessed please check network configuration). The issue i have is that i...
  4. FJoeAZ

    iocage starts but cannot attach console

    I have recently decided to do a fresh install of FreeNAS 11.2 with this fresh install I have setup a new pool for all of my data to live. I completed migrations of my data from the old pool to the new pool but left the legacy data like jails out of the migration. I then created a new iocage...
  5. codetheweb

    SOLVED Weird issues with text console over VGA

    This has been an issue since I first built my system. For some reason, output over VGA is really garbled. This hasn't been an issue until now, as I simply used a different computer to create a bootable flash drive. However, the system suddenly will not connect to my network and I need to be...
  6. filontheroad

    Strange Console Message since Update

    Hello, I just updated my FreeNAS Version from 11.0.1-STABLE to FreeNAS-11.1-U1-STABLE and since then I have a new Console WARNING showing up in the Console every 2 Minutes: Jan 23 02:20:36 XXXXXXXXXXX daemon[3131]: 2018/01/23 02:20:36 [WARN] agent: Check 'freenas_health' is now warning Jan 23...
  7. N

    SOLVED How to get FreeNAS to recognize/use a serial card.

    I have a serial card that is recognized by FreeBSD, but I am having difficulty getting FreeNAS to work with it. The only option on the Serial Port Pulldown on the System/Advanced Tab of the web GUI is 0x2F8. If I recall correctly that corresponds to COM2: I/O port 0x2F8. From what I can see...
  8. Brailyn

    Fix Broken SSL Certificate via Console

    Hello, My HTTPS certificate recently expired, so I set out to make a new one... and it went south. Chrome wouldn't connect since the expiry...Internet Exploder would and no longer seems happy: The website’s security certificate is not secure. Error Code: 0 Because this site uses HTTP...
  9. M

    VM Console

    Hi everyone. Quick newb question. I'm running 11-MASTER-201704230409. How do I console into a VM that was created in the GUI? I don't see a Console button in the GUI so I assume that isn't built in yet, but how about in the CLI? I can SSH into my FreeNAS, I just don't know what to do from there...
  10. Vincèn

    FTP in graphical mode in terminal ?

    Hi I'm looking for a semi-graphical FTP client running in FreeNAS terminal ? that would allow me to access more easily than command line FTP remote ftp servers from console when I remote connect to my FreeNAS. Any ideas ? Made few searches but not really any success :( Thanks Vincèn