1. iliak

    (Title Update) nfstd 100% cause bottleneck

    Title updated due to latest discovery Post7 on this thread I think i reached a bottleneck, due to ram limits, i have relative intensive read operations each time it reads approx of 200-500MBs for 10 minutes which is approx 200GB (data is not repeated, it is 200GB of unique data) the flow...
  2. B

    Old AMD 64 x2 Will it FreeNAS??

    Dose it FreeNas? Yes it dose, despite it running a very old AMD 64 X2. This old pc I'm using to build my budget FreeNas had a AMD 64 X2 4200+ 2.2Ghz processor, 4GB of DDR2-667 ram over 4 slots and slow on board 10megabit net working. So upgrades!!! To give it a fighting chance, I upgraded the...
  3. J

    SOLVED Slow Performance (50Mbps wifi, 2-4Mbps wired)

    Hi all, I have been reading the forums and trying what I could do to find the problem but to no avail. I need some help please. When I transfer files, I get about 30-50 megabit per second read/write. For example, it took 12 mins to transfer one 2GB file to the NAS in a test. It took about...
  4. X

    SLOG bottleneck on sync writes with smaller block sizes

    Quick Summary: ESXi NFS sequential writes seem to be capped at 250 MB/s when talking to a beefy NFS pool over 10GbE. NOTE: This isn't the usual "why are sync writes slow" question. At least I don't think so. Box #1 VMware ESXi 6.0 U2 Supermicro X9SRE-F, E5-1650V2, 16GB ECC memory Intel...
  5. Gabriel Oberreuter

    Determining Bottleneck - IBM x3630 M3 as FreeNAS box

    Hello! I am Gabriel, new to this forum, and kind of new to FreeNAS. First of all, thanks for all your effort. I have been using FreeNAS for two months, and the experience have been very positive so far ;). I want to ask you guys to help me understand how to determine bottlenecks when using...