1. S

    gptzfsboot: error 32 lba 1

    I have posted this same problem in the installation/updates forum as well, but I believe it might belong here instead. I get the below error whenever I try to either install or update to 11.2 stable. Currently I am running 9.10.2.U6 without issues. I looked into 11.2 and it did not seem as...
  2. Cronus94

    Still on FreeNAS-9.10.2-U6

    Hi Everyone So as the header suggests suggests I'm still running version 9.10.2 U6 on my nas server. The only thing I really use it for is storage and plex. Is it time I upgraded? My only concern is that my plex jail might stop working, as I have seen many threads saying just that after...
  3. A

    Future of 9.10 & 11.1

    Hello all, and good morning! If this has been answered in a place that I could not find, please do NOT bit my head off. I looked for it before posting. Thanks We have been riding the 9.10 train for a long time as it is/was the stable tried and true branch. However I see that the last...