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  1. A

    SOLVED Upgrade to 8x HDDs with controller

    Hey guys, my 4x 4TB WD Red in Raidz2 getting full and I'm planning upgrading my system soon. So the first problem I have is, that I want to add 4x 4TB WD Red to my current setup and theirfore I don't have enough slots. My motherboard is X11SSM-F from SuperMicro. Can somebody make some not...
  2. schoolpost

    Upgrading Pool | 1TB -> 4TB

    Hello, This is probably well discussed somewhere here, however to avoid confusion on my part I thought I'd ask specifically to my setup. ( FreeNas 9 ) I'm looking to upgrade my pool from it's current 10x 1TB Z3 Pool to 4TB Drives. My understanding from some initial research is that I can...
  3. pollytheparrot

    8TB drives not showing up in FreeNAS

    So I have a build running FreeNAS 11.1 with a Supermicro 846 box and a SAS2 backplane. There are three M1015's (SAS9220-8i model in IT mode, firmware P20 on all 3). The system itself is two X5660s running on top of a Supermicro X8DTN+ with 72GB of ECC RAM. Doing a RAIDZ2+0 pool with two 10 drive...