Xeon E3-1240v6 vs Xeon D-1541

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Sep 6, 2013
Hello All,

Problem: my Blu-Ray rips, (25-35GB mkv files with HD uncompressed audio) choke my current C2750 based Freenas box when transcoding. I have tried re-encoding these files to M4V and this helps, at that point the C2750 can transcode for iPad and remote players without choking. However, I really want to not have to rip and then encode every movie I own. So, I am thinking about upgrading.

My proposed solution: Replace my C2750D4i with either a Supermicro MBD-X10SDV-TLN4F-O or an Asrock E3C236D2I with an Intel Xeon E3-1240v6. Both replacement servers would have 32GB of ECC Ram up from my current 16GB. If the new hardware was stout enough, I would like to run a VM of a windows desktop on the new server as well.

Current Usage: Mostly Plex with SMB access from a PC or two on the LAN. Plex is served to a few different clients, iPads, XBox Ones, nVidia Shield, Apple TVs and Fire TVs.

The Question: Which of those two processors would be the suggested solution? I am also willing to entertain other solutions, but my current case, SilverStone DS380 is my preferred home for the solution. If someone had another awesome idea that would fit better with an ATX motherboard, I would be willing to look into the SilverStone CS380 or a Fractal Node 804.
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