[WTS] defective iXsystems Freenas Mini XL (Avoton C2750)


Jun 6, 2022
Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I searched the forums, and this kind of post seems allowed if I post in off-topic forums

A component in this system is defective, most likely the motherboard. Do not buy it expecting a fully working system.
I have an older second generation iXsystems Freenas Mini XL system that doesn't get past POST anymore when I press the power button. It just powers on and powers off right afterwards.
I'd contacted asrock support, and after troubleshooting with them, they said the motherboard is the most likely culprit for why the server can't POST
You'll probably have to replace the motherboard
Because of this, I BELIEVE that the motherboard is the issue
No guarantees, but this is what support has led me to believe after troubleshooting with them.
The motherboard/CPU combo in question is the SB-C2750D4I/CO

Below is a spreadsheet I made based on the components.

Other modifications:
I replaced the stock fan in the rear with a Noctua NF-F12 fan

Looking to sell it at around $500-$650 + shipping. Bought it for $1349
I'm also open to offers. I'm trying to get this system out of my hands so I can free up space in the house.
Selling it for a fair price I think. My prices are based off of buy it now used prices on ebay for components.
This build comes with the Ablecom CS-T80, which a few people in the forums seemed interested in getting in the past
My location is based in the USA

I suspect the motherboard died because of a bug affecting the Intel C2000 family of processors.
See this link for more information about the bug:

The motherboard is out of warranty with Asrock and iXsystems, and I couldn't get any further support on this system/motherboard to repair it.

You may be able to repair this yourself, but again no guarantees it's the motherboard that's the issue
I haven't had the time to tinker with this fix yet, but these 2 posts look promising.