Was WHS2011, Now FreeNAS 11.1

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Jan 14, 2018
I am a Mechanical Engineer but enjoy playing with computers since Apple II. I still remember programming with Basic with 48KB RAM limit of the Apple II computer (Yes 48 KB, not 48 MB, nor 48GB). One MB RAM was not imaginable at that time. My wife always said computers are my second wives (actually she said that when we were dating).

I used WHS2011 for about 6 years and used Planclash to backup. Did try FreeNAS 9.X a couple of times to evaluate the possible to replace my WHS2011 one or two years ago. I knew FreeNAS was/is much stronger than WHS2011 but I was not sure I could handle FreeNAS well. Since Planclash will terminate the free program by the end of this year, I spent my 2017 holidays to setup these FreeNAS computers (see machine spec below) to replace my WHS2011.

I am very thankful of all the volunteers contributing their time to make the great FreeNAS available to everyone. Big THANKS to all of the contributors. There are many great members constantly answer people's questions patiently, which is a great plus for me to consider FreeNAS.
Not open for further replies.