VNET Iocage not working.

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Dec 24, 2017
Lurker stepping out after hours of searching seeking some help before I got bald from pulling my hair out. I'm moderately familiar with iocage, I use it on my vanilla fbsd 11 server and have never had problems with it however I've never used VNET with it, this is where my problem begins. I updated to FreeNAS 11.1 the other day and I decided to rebuild my jails to get away from the old plugin system. I'm stuck at getting vnet to work properly. My command to create the new jail is follow and works fine.

 iocage create -n "plex" -r 11.1-RELEASE ip4_addr="vnet0|" defaultrouter="" vnet="on" allow_raw_sockets="1" 

However when I start the jail however I don't get any networking it despite the interfaces showing up correctly on the host and in the jail, according to my research the networking should be fine in the jail however the only way I can get networking in the jail to work is if I follow up with this.

ifconfig bridge0 addm igb0 up

Anyone have any idea why my system would be acting up like this or am I just being dense and have missed some documentation for iocage in FreeNAS 11.1?

Thanks for the help.
Not open for further replies.