SOLVED Upgrading from 11.1u7 to 11.3 - Update List Won't Even Load


Feb 5, 2020
My system does not seem to be finding any updates. I recently logged in to check because I realized I hadn't received any update emails for quite a while.

When I click "Check for Updates" in the GUI, it fails to load any updates.

It appears that is down as well as, However I don't see any posts about this on the forums.

I have attempted to access & from my local system but they won't load either.

Is this localized to me (need to trouble shoot here) or is this something related to the whole community?

I have 12 TB of storage on this box that is mostly full. I don't want to risk losing data if I attempt to manually upgrade and break something. The FreeNAS Install is on a USB drive. The Data is stored on a 4x4 TB RaidZ1

Below is my output from: freenas-update -v check

[root@pFS-01 ~]# freenas-update -v check                                                                                          
[freenasOS.Configuration:692] TryGetNetworkFile([''])          
[freenasOS.Configuration:822] TryGetNetworkFile(['']):  Read 2070
bytes total                                                                                                                      
[freenasOS.Configuration:692] TryGetNetworkFile([''])                        
[freenasOS.Configuration:84] CheckFreeSpace(path=/tmp/tmpfhxgdg9n.pem, pool=None, required=1028)                                  
[freenasOS.Configuration:822] TryGetNetworkFile(['']):  Read 1028 bytes total
[freenasOS.Update:977] Going to try checking cached manifest /var/db/system/update/MANIFEST                                        
[freenasOS.Update:1001] Got this exception: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/db/system/update/MANIFEST'                  
[freenasOS.Configuration:692] TryGetNetworkFile(['', 'http:/
[freenasOS.Configuration:772] Unable to load <urlopen erro
r [Errno 65] No route to host>                                                                                                    
[freenasOS.Configuration:84] CheckFreeSpace(path=/var/db/system/update/ValidateUpdate, pool=None, required=185)                    
[freenasOS.Configuration:822] TryGetNetworkFile(['', 'http:/
/']):  Read 185 bytes total                                
[freenasOS.Update:1034] DownloadUpdate:  No update available                                                                      
No updates available                                                                                                              
[root@pFS-01 ~]#
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Jul 2, 2019
Could be a transient issue. Did you check from your PC to see if you can connect to those sites? I can connect (they actually give statistics :) of who/where/what has connected).Did you try dig on theFreeNAS box to see if you can resolve that IP?