Trying to setup a 2nd 'static route' (FreeNAS to Linux Box Directly) while using.....

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Jul 1, 2011

I am trying to setup a dedicated link/route directly from the FreeNAS box (via a 2nd NIC) to another Linux box which has two NIC's as well. Currently the Linux box has eth0 setup with a 192.168.0.x IP which connects via my Mikrotik RouterOS gateway box to access the Inet.

The 2nd NIC (eth1) in the Linux box is the one I want to assign a different IP group..say 192.168.1.x so that it is used exclusively for connections to/from the NAS box WITHOUT going through my Mikrotik box. So basically I want a straight shot...bypassing the Mikro box.

In FreeNAS I have only the one NIC (em0) connected to my LAN...which routes through the Mikrotik box on the 0.x subnet. The 2nd card in the FreeNAS box is (nfe0) which is the one I want to assign a .1.x IP so that it xfers data directly from that NIC to the 2nd Linux box NIC via it's own .1.x address.

I know this may sound confusing, however, I am experimenting on high speed transfers from PC to PC without any 'middleman' hardware so to speak. Once that is working then I can mess with the Linux and BSD TCP stack along with each of the GB NIC's I need a crossover cable for this...since I am bypassing my Gigabit switch and in the Linux box, do I need to setup that 2nd NIC card by NOT including the Gateway address???

I just want to make sure that when I xfer files from the NAS box it 'knows' to use the 2nd .1.x NIC to xfer files (bypassing the router) straight to the 2nd Linux NIC...and vice versa.

Make sense ? LOL

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