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TrueCommand Cloud Announced

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Captain Morgan
Mar 10, 2018
TrueCommand 1.3.2 simplified management of local TrueNAS systems by making it available as a Docker instance or as a VM on the local LAN. However, it’s difficult to set up remote management if the admin is not on the same VPN as the TrueNAS systems. Therefore, we created TrueCommand Cloud (SaaS subscription) to solve the remote management problem.

A detailed blog on TrueCommand Cloud has been published and there are instructions on how to set up TrueCommand Cloud. Below is a short summary.

TrueCommand Cloud trials have completed successfully thanks to some keen community members. Now anyone can subscribe and use it. Once it is set up, it looks just like a regular TrueCommand instance. The TrueCommand Cloud technology components are described below:

iXsystems Portal: This self-service portal manages subscriptions to TrueCommand Cloud, provisions the TrueCommand instance for the user, and then hands out the VPN and API keys for the TrueNAS admins and the systems.​
TrueCommand Instance: This Docker instance runs on an iXsystems private cloud and includes a WireGuard VPN capability with an allocated IP address.​
TrueNAS Client: Each TrueNAS system (CORE and Enterprise v12.0+, or SCALE20.10+) has a WireGuard and TrueCommand client that needs an API key to interact with the specific TrueCommand instance. This API key is common to all NAS systems for a TrueCommand instance and is installed via the web UI.​
Wireguard Client: Each admin receives a unique WireGuard key/profile and an IP address for their TrueCommand instance. Using that IP address, they have a secure connection to TrueCommand and from there can login as a user/admin.​

TrueCommand software remains free for up to 50 drives. Larger trials and subscriptions are available from the iXsystems portal. TrueCommand Cloud requires the allocation of physical compute, storage, and networking resources and so is provided as a subscription service. There is a $6/month option for 30 drives and it is about $20/month for each hundred drives. No long term commitments are needed, so it’s easy to run a full trial before deciding.

Whether you use the TrueCommand software or the TrueCommand Cloud service, TrueCommand is intended to simplify the task of managing TrueNAS systems. Please continue to give us feedback and make suggestions for features that will save you time, money or headaches.