Truecharts: Docker pull error x509: certificate valid for...


Aug 9, 2022
Hi! I migrated from TrueNAS CORE to SCALE (bluefin latest) and was trying to setup nextcloud (truecharts). It kept failing, so I checked the events log and the h2non/imaginary image failed to download with a message:

root@truenas[~]# docker pull h2non/imaginary:latest
latest: Pulling from h2non/imaginary
6ec8c9369e08: Retrying in 1 second
206066df66d4: Retrying in 1 second
e3b6915d683c: Retrying in 1 second
424cba199bca: Waiting
c74a10bbfcde: Waiting
error pulling image configuration: download failed after attempts=6: x509: certificate is valid for *, not

where is my domain.

The same thing happened when I tried from TrueNAS Shell.

I cannot find anything relevant in Documentation or the web in general.

==---------- UPDATE -----------==

Issue resolved by issuing:
systemctl stop k3s docker
systemctl start docker k3s

Reversing the order of the services in those commands doesn't alleviate the problem. It needed to stop k3s first, then docker and start docker first, then k3s.
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