Scripts that are set to run on FreeNAS Upgrade/update

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Sep 12, 2011
I know this one sounds a little strange but i think this would be very useful. From my understanding when you upgrade FreeNAS it will blow away changes to the root filesystem. This makes complete sense and is a great thing about freenas but a lot of people are making small modifications to add services etc so modify rc.conf and other file. While most of the apps etc that people add are on other disks there always seems to be a few files you need to make a few additions to on the root system for things to work.

What would be really useful would be to have a special script you can either edit via the webui or edit directly that contains a set up commands to run after a system has been upgraded to re apply custom changes you may require for all the addons to work again. Inserting a line at the bottom of a file here and there sort of thing. It would make things a lot less painful for people that follow guides to install stuff without the skills to do it themselves then don't know what to redo after an upgrade to FreeNAS. If there was a file like this i am sure the people putting the guides together would also supply to file to be applied on upgrade of FreeNAS.

Just an idea but thought it could be useful.

You are all doing a great job and i love what you have built. Can't wait till pluggins come out but until then i will keep adding the software i need manually.
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