Running a VM in FreeNAS 11 No networking to outside world

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Oct 19, 2017
I know this problem has occurred before and I've done plenty of googling but all the info I find is for old versions of FreeNAS where there appeared to be no native VM option and it was done inside of one of those rather weird jails. I used the VM option from within FreeNAS to install Ubuntu server (and Debian Jessie and Mint 17.1 in attempts to get it working) all install and run perfectly with the exception of internet, I have tried adding googles DNS and setting all IP settings manually and added NICs of both types but no matter what I do i cant seem to make it work.

There is almost no info for 11s VM option when googling and the manual makes no mention of networking, all the solutions I've seen install virtual box in one of those jails. from what i can gather the jail is a lightweight freebsd VM, I see no real point in virtualizing a BSD system on a BSD system to finally virtualize a Linux system when there is a native option that's quite nice to use, am I understanding the VM section on FreeNAS wrong or understanding the jail wrong? All I want is to run a basic Linux os so I can host dokuwiki on it (technically I don't even need the net after I've set it up, I only need it to install php and lighttpd and their deps then I don't need an internet connection on it at all local is fine)

Also I did try setting up a VM but for some reason I can't untick VIMAGE or tick NAT even logged in as root. I'm sure I'm missing something incredibly simple, that or the VM option simply doesn't support connections to the internet.
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Networking to the Internet will need to be configured according to the OS installed, so search for that OS if you're unfamiliar how to set a default route and DNS server. Once you have those set, if you still can't access the Internet, check the logs in that OS for errors and post the errors here.


Feb 11, 2012
@gaspoweredcat - Exciting cliff hanger here but can you post what your error/solution was? I'm experiencing DNS issues and would rather not start a new thread if I have made a similar error.

Currently I can ping but I cannot ping if that makes sense. I have run through the DHCP options as well as manually set up the NIC but I just can't get out to the world.

Thanks for any help!
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