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Aug 22, 2018
I'm trying to create an rsync task to pull from a server to my FreeNAS server.

I've previously done it using the command line in Debian which was much easier but I'm blundering around trying to use the cryptic GUI in FreeNAS and I hope I'm starting to get somewhere.

I think I should be using Rsycn over SSH. That requires me to have a user with a key. I've created a key and added it to the remote server. I think now I need to use a user with a home directory so that they can have a key folder .ssh/ I don't believe the root user or the other user I've created have home folders so it'll need to be a new user. I can't work out the error messages I'm getting in "Create Home Directory In:" It seems to only want to have it in /mnt/ which isn't where I want it to be. I'd rather have home directories based from / . There's 100G of remaining space there. However I've created in under /mnt and created a .ssh directory and put the key there as both a .ppk and an OpenSSH however that doesn't work as I get the following message.
  • In order to use rsync over SSH you need a user
    with a public key (DSA/ECDSA/RSA) set up in home dir.
My guess is that I need to add the public key some other way.

Edit: I've just realised that I want it to use a private key. It's insisting on my user having a public key. I don't understand why. There's a public key stored on the remote server and the matching private key is stored on the FreeNAS server.
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