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Replications Failing in 9.3 STABLE RELEASE

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Dave Genton

Feb 27, 2014
I had been having many failures with replication lately but the issue was just too obvious. While I am digging in network checking mtu, vlan, reach-ability etc. just looking at the error message in replications as well as the email generated says the whole story. I am replicating between and however as you can see in screenshot of web portal and copy/paste below from email its error is because is refusing connectivity. I am not attempting to get to but as configured but none the less it has stuck on the brain somehow someway ?? I do have a VM of FreeNAS with that address I use for testing new code etc. Where/how could .99 be stuck in FreeNAS configuration ?? I have tried putting in several other IP addresses but most all of them go to .99 and fail, only every now and then does it actually go where I want it to go via the host defined. Also I am NOT using DNS on the 10 network, strictly ip addressing only and FreeNAS was just reboot prior to ensure to caching of anything dynamic being stuck.

email copy and paste:

Replication RaidZ3vol/MyData -> failed: Connection to closed by remote host. Error 33 : Write error : cannot write compressed block

I have been overlooking whats right in front of me for days...

Screen shot attached.




Does the public key for the replication user account indicate the correct IP address?


Neophyte Sage
Jun 13, 2013
I think the problem is on the receiving end. It seems to me the replication was started but got dropped and the sender doing replication cannot start because the automatic snapshot has not kicked yet for the replication to start right back.
The reveicer may have simply close the ssh tunnel, either due to bad ethernet connection, a reboot or other reasons.
Trying to do manual snapshot may not work. Instead, change the automatic snapshot to take place much sooner, let say every 5 minutes just to have it started.
It should clear things up.
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